Can you get scammed on Ria?

Can you get scammed on Ria?

Preventing Fraud – Ria Money Transfer. Fraud happens. Sadly, it can happen to the most innocent of people. Don’t let it happen to you.

How do I find my Ria?

You can locate any of our Ria stores using the Google Maps app or visiting on your browser. Our team is diligently updating our opening hours and new locations on the platform. However, in the event of lockdowns, we recommend calling to the number displayed on our store bio.

Does Walmart do Ria transfers?

Ria is the licensed money transfer operator for all Walmart-2-Walmart transactions, and Walmart acts as the authorized agent of Ria.

Which bank uses Ria?

Nigerian banks like Diamond Bank, First Bank, Skye Bank and Ecobank represent RIA Money Transfer Nigeria. So it is easy to send or recieve money into their local department.

Is Ria reliable to send money?

Ria is considered a very secure way to send money, as the platform is well-regulated around the world. The company uses sophisticated security measures to protect individual financial information and payment data.

Is Ria Financial legit?

Not a reliable company, poor customer service. They operate in a completely arbitrary manner. They banned me from their platform after one successful transfer because the second one I tried to make was suspected “fraudulent” with no meaningful reason given.

Can I pick-up RIA money online?

Options for receiving money with Ria Money Transfer They may be able to opt for a digital option. For customers who rely solely on cash pick-up, we encourage them to check with their nearest Ria location to confirm opening hours and safety protocols.

What is the limit of RIA money transfer?

The maximum aggregate amount of money transfers per user during any rolling thirty (30) calendar day period is $7,999.99 USD. Ria may establish any and all transactional restrictions applicable to money transfers in its sole discretion and may change such restrictions from time to time.

What happens if Ria Money is not picked?

If we can confirm that payment has not been made, the money transfer will be cancelled and we will refund the amount of the money transfer, including the service charge. Your refund will be in USD.

How much is the limit of Ria Money Transfer?

Is Ria cheaper than Western Union?

Ria takes a much smaller margin than Western Union, with rates that can be less than 1% on the midmarket rate. Using the same example of a transfer to euros (EUR): If the mid-market rate is 1 USD = 0.96 EUR.

How much is the limit of RIA money transfer?