Can you marry Elara Dorne?

Can you marry Elara Dorne?

Male Troopers can initiate a romance and subsequently offer to marry Elara, in which case she will file Form 3578-K, allowing them to pursue a formal relationship despite being a CO and a subordinate.

Where do you get Elara Dorne?

Elara Dorne is the second Companion Character for the Trooper. She joins the player at the end of the Trooper’s Class quests on Taris.

Can a female trooper romance Elara Dorne?

*** After the Onslaught expansion, the Female Trooper will have a [FLIRT] option available when they meets up with Elara for a short discussion. The flirt option will lead to them having drinks in the cantina together, but not a true romance yet. There is a good chance this will lead to future romance down the road.

Can you romance Ensign Temple?

Romance continuation: Players can resume their romance with Temple after the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, during the A Traitor Among the Chiss storyline.

Is Raina Temple Force Sensitive?

Powers and abilities. Raina Temple was Force-sensitive, but never received any proper training. Her Force abilities were unrefined, and she rarely made use of them in the open, fearing discovery by the Sith, which would lead to her death.

Can a Chiss romance Watcher 2?

Although many players believe only human males can romance Watcher Two, this is untrue, and there are videos of Chiss also romancing her online. Many players have difficulty properly triggering Watcher Two’s small romance.

Who built Scorpio?

Designer Vel Jyc Boer
SCORPIO was an advanced artificial intelligence designed for heuristic self-improvement by Master Designer Vel Jyc Boer on Iokath in the years before a civil war broke on the artificial world and caused its engineers to abandon their creations in Wild Space in an attempt to save their lives.

What happens to Darth Zhorrid?

She disbanded the agency and, along with the Dark Council, established Sith Intelligence, which she headed directly, though Darth Marr later replaced her with Lana Beniko.

What happens if you choose Vette over Jaesa?

Vette will ask the player to choose if they want to be with her or Jaesa. If the player chooses Vette, he will send Jaesa away, and Jaeasa will be angry. If the player chooses Jaesa, Vette will be angry. If the player says they want both, Vette will be angry and leave and the plyer will remain with Jaesa.

Who is the Lady of Sorrows Swtor?

Mona Gale appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 7: The Lady of Sorrows.