Can you marry Marcurio?

Can you marry Marcurio?

After hiring Marcurio as a follower, it is possible to marry him. Once married, he can continue to act as a follower for free. He does not have a house of his own, so choosing to live in his place instead of an owned home would mean hanging out in the Bee and Barb in Riften.

Is Marcurio a good follower in Skyrim?

When you look at the actual raw stats, it becomes obvious why Marcurio is the most powerful mage follower. Illia is second-best, of the original Skyrim followers. The data isn’t available for the followers added by Hearthfire or Dawnguard though.

Is J Zargo the best follower?

J’zargo’s heavy armor skill is good, so you can give him an enchanted set and he can be a tank mage. This article also say that he is the best follower, however lydia is not even in the list, so j’zargo is better.

Is there a Khajiit I can marry in Skyrim?

It’s not about interracial(which is in the game as a male Khajiit can marry a female Dunmer or a male Dunmer can marry a female Argonian, both because of certain books), but rather that Khajiit can’t marry Khajiit and Bosmer can’t marry Bosmer, as well as those 2 lacking a marriageable person of either gender.

Is J Zargo essential?

J’zargo isnt a essential NPC he can be easily killed by the player. He is also not in the follower guild and can only be a follower if mods are downloaded.

Why are there no Marriable Khajiit Skyrim?

Because they didn’t record voices for it. Khajiit Dragonborn can intermarry fine with any of the available choices that have recorded voiced marriage lines. “Khajiit is to busy, dealing with giant flying lizards…” I wish my Khajiit could marry J’zargo.

Who is the Tankiest follower in Skyrim?

Mjoll, one of the more powerful tank-characters in Skyrim, is an excellent follower for a variety of play styles. She will make great backup for heavy-handed players, joining you in all your hack-and-slash battles.