Can you print on water soluble stabilizer?

Can you print on water soluble stabilizer?

Print-Stitch-Dissolve Water Soluble Paper Stabilizer is perfect for projects which include paper piecing, applique, quilting and embroidery. Get creative with printed designs, or draw your own directly onto Print-Stitch-Dissolve using a pencil or permanent marker!

Can you print on dissolving paper?

Water Soluble Printing is Surprisingly Simple You can print your text and designs to our water soluble paper using any professional printer, including a press printer, laser printer, or even a thermal printer for the application of thermal coating to your water soluble paper.

How many layers of stabilizer do I need for embroidery?

The heavier the stabilizer, the more stitches it will support. Different brands base the type of stabilizer you should use and the number of layers of stabilizer with the stitch count of the design. In our opinion, you should never have more than three layers of product under your fabric.

How do you clean a water soluble stabilizer?

To get rid of the water soluble topping stuck in your embroidered design, simply wet your fingers with water and begin rubbing an area of your solvy-ball until it becomes wet and tacky. Then tap it on the water soluble topping you wish to remove, and it should come right off! It’s as easy as that!

How do you print water soluble paper?

What can you do with water soluble paper?


  • Arts and Crafts. If you enjoy sewing, quilting, cross-stitching, or other types of arts and crafts, water soluble paper is a great addition to your creativity kit.
  • Gardening.
  • Dissolvable Documents and Memos.
  • Soap Wrappers.
  • Novelty Family Fun.

Which stabilizer is best for hand embroidery?

Fusible – This stabilizer is most commonly used with sewing (and is referred to as interfacing), but it’s great for standard embroidery. It is ironed to the wrong side of the fabric before stitching and remains on the back of your work after you’re finished.