Can you put cleaning solution in Braava?

Can you put cleaning solution in Braava?

It is recommended to use water and the Braava jet® Hard Floor Cleaning Solution inside our Braava jet® Robot Mop Models. Braava jet® 240: Two (2) Capfuls of Cleaning Solution with water.

Can you put bleach in Braava jet?

Anything soapy, waxy, or harsh (like bleach or ammonia) are not recommended. For the best results, remove the tank cap and add 6 caps of the Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution, then fill to the top with warm water. Alternatively, you can fill the tank with only water.

What cleaning solution can I use for Braava jet m6?

The quick and easy Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner is made specifically for use on your hard-surface floors and certified to use with your iRobot Braava jet m6 robot mop. This rinse-free, streak-free formula cleans hard-surface floors by breaking up tough messes, leaving your floors free of dust, grime, and residue.

Can you use any solution in iRobot?

According to iRobot, water, Bona floor cleaner, and Clorox Ready Mop are approved for use with the Braava. I use Bona, and it works very well. Anything soapy, waxy, or harsh (like bleach or ammonia) are not recommended.

Can I put floor cleaner in my robot mop?

Most robot moppers can’t sanitize floors. Cleaning built-up dirt and debris has little impact on the number of bacteria and viruses that live on the surface if the proper cleaner is not used. You can’t put a disinfectant cleaner into a robot mop, though.

Can I use vinegar in Roomba?

A: Yes, it does clean large areas. I have wood floors and it cleans without leaving streaks. I do use a white vinegar and water cleaning solution.

Can I use Mr clean in my iRobot?

No. iRobot does not recommend to use any cleaning solution other than the one provided by them. You can use water or purchase the cleaning solution from iRobot.

Can I put vinegar in robot mop?

Vinegar is not an approved cleaning agent to be used in any Braava product as it can cause damage to the internal mechanisms of the robot.

Can we add disinfectant to robot vacuum?

You cannot put a disinfectant in the robot mop and by simple cleaning by water, it cannot sanitize the floor.

Can you use any floor cleaner in iRobot?

Can I use Bona in my iRobot?

By combining iRobot’s expertise in robotic mopping with Bona’s expertise in hard floor cleaning solutions, we will deliver the most premium and effective robotic mopping experience possible to our customers.”

Can you put disinfectant in robot vacuum cleaner?

Detergents / disinfectants should not be mixed with water inside Water Tank, as the residuals will block the outlets of the tank, disabling the robot’s mopping function. If disinfectant is kept for long, the acidic content will further damage the structure of Water Tank.