Can you reinstall grub?

Can you reinstall grub?

Open a terminal by selecting Applications, Accessories, Terminal from the menu bar. Run the grub-setup -d command as described below. This will reinstall the GRUB 2 files on the mounted partition to the proper location and to the MBR of the designated device.

How do I manually install grub bootloader?


  1. Mount root to /mnt.
  2. Mount /boot to /mnt/boot.
  3. Mount system pseudo file systems under /mnt.
  4. “change root” or chroot to /mnt.
  5. Under /boot/grub, there is a file called “device.
  6. Launch the grub interactive shell.
  7. In the interactive shell, you will see a “grub>” prompt.
  8. Type quit.

How do I fix Opensuse?

To reinstall the boot loader, proceed as follows:

  1. Insert the installation media into the drive.
  2. Reboot the machine.
  3. Select Installation from the boot menu.
  4. Select a language.
  5. Accept the license agreement.
  6. In the Installation Mode screen, select Other and set the installation mode to Repair Installed System.

How do you recover grub in Linux?

Steps to recover deleted GRUB bootloader in Linux:

  1. Boot into Linux using Live CD or USB Drive.
  2. Get into Live CD mode if available.
  3. Launch Terminal.
  4. Find Linux partition with working GRUB configuration.
  5. Create temporary directory to mount Linux partition.
  6. Mount Linux partition to the newly created temporary directory.

How do you fix Suse?

Repairing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server using a Rescue CD

  1. Put your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation CD or DVD in your server’s optical drive and reboot the server.
  2. When the GRUB menu from the optical disk shows, select the Rescue System option to load the Rescue environment from the installation disk.

How do I resolve kernel panic in Suse Linux?

The kernel panics after trying to mount the root filesystem….Resolution

  1. Boot Installed System*.
  2. Login as root.
  3. Verify that the / (root) and /boot (if used) filesystems are mounted.
  4. Run mkinitrd.
  5. Reboot.

How do I regenerate grub config?

Rebuild the grub.cfg file by running the grub2-mkconfig -o command as follows:

  1. On BIOS-based machines, issue the following command as root : ~]# grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg.
  2. On UEFI-based machines, issue the following command as root : ~]# grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/redhat/grub.cfg.

How do I fix a corrupted grub?

The solution

  1. To fix the problem execute from grub command line:
  2. Restore boot partition on hd0,0 (first partition on first disk) as in above example from find command.
  3. Then setup grub on first disk (hd0) – as in above example boot stage1 is located on hd0.
  4. After command will succeed reboot the server.

How do I rescue Opensuse?

Under Alt + F1 to Alt + F3, the rescue system provides at least three virtual consoles. You can log in as root without a password. Press Alt + F10 to enter the system console displaying the kernel and syslog messages.

How do I rescan GRUB?

To do this:

  1. At the grub menu, press c to drop to the grub console.
  2. Type reboot and hit enter.
  3. Computer will reboot.
  4. Grub will be reloaded and the drives will be rescanned.

How do I rebuild grub conf?

How do I restore grub conf?

Type /sbin/grub-install bootpart to reinstall the GRUB boot loader, where bootpart is the boot partition (typically, /dev/sda). Review the /boot/grub/grub. conf file, as additional entries may be needed for GRUB to control additional operating systems. Reboot the system.

What is Suse rescue system?

SUSE LINUX contains a rescue system for accessing your Linux partitions from the outside in the event of an emergency. The rescue system can be loaded from CD, the network, or the SUSE FTP server. Furthermore, there is a bootable SUSE LINUX CD (the LiveEval CD) that can be used as a rescue system.