Can you swim in Yorkshire reservoirs?

Can you swim in Yorkshire reservoirs?

Swimming is not permitted in our reservoirs. Yorkshire Water owns over 130 reservoirs across our region. Whilst the main reason we operate reservoir sites is to collect and store Yorkshire’s drinking water prior to treatment, we do also understand the enormous positives that come from people having access to nature.

How long is the walk round Fewston?

Summary: The walk around the perimeter of Fewston Reservoir is one of the best of all the reservoir Walks in the Leeds and Harrogate Area. The paths are well maintained on all of the 3.7 mile walk. Additionally the views of the reservoir and the immediate countryside are virtually unobstructed.

How long is swinsty reservoir walk?

3.1 miles
Swinsty Reservoir

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Start: Swinsty Reservoir Car Park Distance: 3.1 miles (5.0 km) Climbing: 50 metres
Grid Ref: SE199537 Time: 2 hours Rating: Easy
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Is swinsty reservoir still closed?

Yorkshire Water has closed a temporary footpath at Swinsty reservoir that has drawn complaints about it being too muddy to use safely. The footpath was introduced last month while maintenance works takes place on the usual route. The closure will continue until the £6m works are completed in summer 2022.

Should dogs swim in reservoirs?

Reservoirs are also usually very deep so the water is really cold, even on a hot day. It can send your dogs’s body into shock, causing them to gasp and swallow water if they dive straight in. Fast flowing water or flooded rivers. Any fast flowing water is a danger for your dog.

Can I walk around Swinsty Reservoir?

This is a nice, easy circular walk around Swinsty Reservoir in the Yorkshire Dales. The path is well surfaced and largely flat making the walk suitable for all abilities. The trail runs for a distance of about 3 miles so it’s perfect for a peaceful afternoon stroll.

Where is Fewston Reservoir?

Fewston Reservoir is located in the Washburn valley north of Otley and west of Harrogate in Yorkshire, England. It was built in 1879. The capacity is about 3.5 million cubic metres.

What are the dangers of Fewston Reservoir?

Fewston Reservoir has lots of hidden dangers. The water is very cold (even in summer) and cold water shock can kill. Fewston Reservoir supplies water to be treated, so there’s machinery and strong currents under the water. There may also be blue-green algae, which causes rashes and severe illnesses.

How long is the walk to Swinsty and Fewston Reservoir?

The route offers panoramic views of Swinsty and Fewston reservoirs from various angles. The walk is 3.7 miles long. The route features stiles, some steep climbs and muddy paths. However, the vast majority of this walk is on wide, well surface paths and forest tracks.

What is the capacity of the Swinsty Reservoir?

The capacity is about 3.5 million cubic metres. It can be found from the A59 road. The overflow from the reservoir feeds directly into the adjoining Swinsty Reservoir.