Can you use fat free condensed milk to make fudge?

Can you use fat free condensed milk to make fudge?

Yes it is possible, because you can use fat free sweetened condensed milk and melt everything together in a microwave. This fudge comes together in no TIME! Here’s a good tip.

What is the difference between fat free condensed milk and regular condensed milk?

Fat free sweetened condensed milk will thicken when an acid – such as lime juice – is added to it, just as the full-fat variety will, so it works well in fillings for key lime and other pies. I will also use it in Thai iced tea or iced coffee for a slightly lower fat (but still sweet!)

Does fat free condensed milk taste the same?

Eagle Brand Fat Free Sweetened condensed Milk, Made with nonfat milk instead of whole milk, however, I can not taste the difference. I bake pies, put it in Coffee and so many other items and it taste the same as the regular condensed milk so good and Rich!.

Is there a low fat version of sweetened condensed milk?

Eagle Brand ® Low Fat Sweetened Condensed Milk is a pre-cooked and blended low fat combination of milk and sugar, making baking easier! It adds a smooth creamy texture to your favourite desserts like cheesecake, squares, fudge and even ice cream.

Can you use fat free sweetened condensed milk?

Which is better for fudge evaporated or condensed milk?

Unfortunately, you cannot use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk in fudge. You can substitute evaporated milk for regular milk in many instances, but it will not give the same rich, creamy taste that you get from the sweetened condensed milk.

Why do you need evaporated milk in fudge?

Evaporated milk is milk that has been cooked to reduce its water content. It is more stable than regular milk and it can be cooked at high temperatures without curdling, a real benefit to fudge.

What can you substitute for fat free condensed milk?

Simmering a can of full-fat coconut milk with ¼ cup of sugar will result in another great dairy-free substitute for sweetened condensed milk. Whisk the coconut milk and sugar in a saucepan, bring the mixture to just below boiling and then allow the mixture to simmer for 30 minutes.

What makes fudge sugary?

Most often, it can be caused by the formation of sugar crystals. Although you want these crystals in your fudge, you don’t want them to be formed too soon. In order to avoid crystals from forming before you want them to, be sure to pay careful attention during the cooling process.

Should I stir fudge while boiling?

Never stir the mixture during cooking or sugar could crystallize again. The mixture may seize and become grainy. Use a candy thermometer or conduct a cold water test to check if the fudge is done.

Can you get unsweetened condensed milk?

Here’s another way to think of it: Condensed milk is evaporated milk with added sugar. Sweetened evaporated milk exists in the form of condensed milk, but there’s no such thing as unsweetened condensed milk – that’s just evaporated milk.

What can I substitute for evaporated milk in fudge?

Cream can be used as a replacement for evaporated milk in sauces, soups, pie fillings, baking, casseroles, frozen desserts and custards at a 1:1 ratio. As cream is much higher in fat than evaporated milk, it is both thicker and contains more calories.