Could St James Park be expanded?

Could St James Park be expanded?

Speaking six years ago, Shepherd said: “It would’ve increased it by around 8,000 to take it over the 60,000 mark, but the costs got out of control.” The costs may not scare of the club’s new owners, who also want to improve the team’s training facilities. And, certainly, it’s time to make St James’s Park great again.

What was the attendance at St James Park yesterday?

22,134 fans
However, massive queues at St James Park delayed kick-off by 15 minutes yesterday, with the eventual confirmed attendance of 22,134 fans, who saw them beat Alnwick Town 4-0 in the National League Division One North.

Will Newcastle build new stadium?

Newcastle United could soon expand St James’ Park to an 80,000-capacity mega-stadium as the club looks to rocket to the next level. That’s according to former Leeds United stopper Paddy Kenny, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about the “amazing” stadium.

Who owns the land around St James Park?

But Ashley acquired the land from the club around nine years ago and it has now been revealed he has sold the site to Durham-based developers Helios Real Estate and Marrico.

Can Newcastle extended St James Park?

Newcastle United have no plans to move from St James’ Park and build a new super stadium – according to the Magpies’ new owners.

Is St James Park on a slope?

The pitch at St James’ famously slopes from North to South, although much work has been done over the decades to lessen the 18-feet dip that existed in Victorian times!

Can St James Park Newcastle be extended?

Does the council own St James Park?

NEWCASTLE UNITED – ST JAMES’ PARK The freehold of the stadium site belongs to Newcastle City Council.

Will nufc build a new stadium?

Is Ponteland posh?

Ponteland is close to the Northumberland border with Tyne and Wear and is now known as a cosmopolitan town with boutique shops, traditional pubs and great cafes and upmarket restaurants.

Why are Sports Direct signs still at St James Park?

At the end of October The Mail reported that the new Newcastle United owners have been forced to keep Sports Direct and related brand signage up inside St James Park, due to legal clauses that were inserted by former owner Mike Ashley ahead of the sale of the club.