Did Audley Harrison win a world title?

Did Audley Harrison win a world title?

He has also competed for the WBC Heavyweight title, one of the four major world championships in the sport. In 2009, Harrison won the Prizefighter tournament, his first of two….Audley Harrison.

Audley Harrison MBE
Stance Southpaw
Boxing record
Total fights 38
Wins 31

Where is Audley Harrison now?

The London-born star currently resides in California. “I’ve made many mistakes, and learned some tough lessons along the way,” he said. “I made tons of money and splurged lots of it away with reckless money management, immaturity and a desire to build my empire like Tony Montana.

When did Audley Harrison win gold?

Audley Harrison MBE is a former professional British boxer who competed from 1992 to 2013. As an amateur, he won numerous titles, which culminated in a Gold medal in the super-heavyweight division at the 2000 Olympic Games, becoming the first ever British boxer to win Olympic Gold in that division.

Who is Audley Harrison married to?

Raychel HarrisonAudley Harrison / Spouse (m. 2005)

Why did Audley Harrison fail?

Audley was thought by many to be arrogant and unwilling to listen to experienced people who could have helped him build his career. Harrison then also placed a lot more pressure on himself by signing a one million pound deal with the BBC to televise his first 10 fights.

What went wrong with Audley Harrison?

The British fighter, Audley Harrison, retired for the second time, with brain damage from a life in boxing. It seems odd now to compare Harrison to Mayweather, but it could have all been so different.

When did Audley Harrison start boxing?

Although Harrison started his amateur career later than most”he was 19 in 1991 when his older brother Rodney, a club boxer, introduced him to the ring”he was a quick learner with natural raw talent from the start.

How tall is Audley Harrison?

6′ 6″Audley Harrison / Height