Do U-joints have grease fittings?

Do U-joints have grease fittings?

Greaseable u-joints come with a grease zerk on either the top bearing cap or the cross. That zerk is a passageway for the new grease to enter. Be sure to grease your u-joints every 5,000 miles (or as recommended by the manufacturer). They’ll likely last longer than permanently sealed u-joints.

How do you lube a universal joint?

U-Joint Kit Lube Procedures

  1. Remove each bearing assembly and pack each journal cross lube reservoir with grease.
  2. Wipe a liberal coating of the same grease into the each bearing assembly, filling all of the cavities between the needle rollers.
  3. Apply a liberal coating of grease into the bottom of each bearing cup.

Do both fittings on AU joint have to be greased?

The most common cause of a U-Joint failure is lack of proper greasing. A maintenance schedule that includes greasing your U-Joints will help prevent premature failure of parts. The goal of greasing your U-Joints is to keep clean grease around the needle bearings.

Do both fittings on AU joint need to be greased?

Which way does grease zerk face on u-joint?

End of dialog window. The correct orientation for u-joint installation is to position the grease zerk so that it is on the compression side rather than tension side of the joint with respect to the drive force applied through the u-joint.

What centers the u-joint in the yoke?

The snap rings are also used to center the u-joint cross in between the yoke ears of the driveshaft.

How tight should new U-joints be?

New U-Joints Should Feel Pretty Stiff When Moved By Hand U-joints are precision bearings. That means they should move freely in both axis. Yet, it’s normal for a new u-joint to feel pretty firm when you move it by hand, even when it is thoroughly greased.

How often do you need to grease U-joints?

every 5,000 miles
Improper lubrication: Some u-joints need regular maintenance. In most cases, you have to grease your u-joints every 5,000 miles or so. When you fail to service your u-joints on a regular basis, they will fail.

Is lithium grease good for U-joints?

The best type of grease to use on U-Joints is MOLY grease. This grease is certified for this purpose. You can also use lithium-based EP NLGI 2 Grease, which is of high quality. This grease is also water-resistant and prevents the joints from corrosion and rust.

Which way does grease ZERK face on u-joint?

How tight should u-joint be?

Can you over tighten U-joints?

“If you overtighten the nuts on those u-bolts you can damage the bearing cap and the needle bearings inside,” says Fagen. “A lot of needle bearing failures in u-joint caps can be traced to over-tightened u-bolts.