Does 02 do Fibre broadband?

Does 02 do Fibre broadband?

‘Up to’ speeds based on our top access speed for our DSL service at 20Mbps and our top access speed for our fibre service at 80Mbps. Fibre Broadband is a Fibre to the Cabinet (‘FTTC’) service offering speeds of up to 80Mbps.

How can I get internet while waiting for broadband?

If you have decent 4G or 5G signal, then you can use your smartphone’s hotspot. Also known as tethering, this takes your mobile data and creates a mini-WiFi hub which you can connect other devices to. Bear in mind that this will eat through your data pretty quickly, so make sure you have enough.

Can I get internet for just one month?

What is a short-term internet contract? The shortest term for which you can purchase internet is usually one month, since the billing cycle for internet service generally operates on a monthly basis.

Can I get broadband without a contract?

It’s possible to get no contract broadband without line rental, but options are very limited because most broadband is supplied through a landline. So, in most cases you’ll still have to pay for line rental, which will be included in your monthly bill.

Is O2 broadband now Sky?

O2 has sold its home broadband and home phone business to Sky.

How much does O2 broadband cost?

The average UK household currently uses less than 20 GB a month. £13.50 a month if you’re not. Plus a £25.53 connection fee. £17.50 a month if you’re not.

What to do if you have no broadband?

If you have a mobile signal but no access broadband, you could buy a dongle to plug into the USB socket on your computer or use your phone or connected tablet as a Wi-Fi hotspot. A dongle or mobile can provide essential internet access anywhere with a 3G, 4G or 5G mobile signal.

How can I get internet without contract?

Which providers offer no contract broadband?

  1. Virgin Media.
  2. Hyperoptic.
  3. Now Broadband.
  4. Cuckoo.

Can you get a rolling Wi-Fi contract?

A rolling contract offers you greater flexibility, as it doesn’t tie you down for 12-24 months like a traditional broadband contract would.

What is a 30-day rolling contract broadband?

With rolling broadband contracts, you simply need to give us 30 days’ notice when you want to cancel it. We don’t slow our broadband speeds. You’ll be able to choose from a select range of superfast broadband speeds that’s right for your internet usage.

Can you get home broadband from O2?

O2 home broadband was historically one of the UK’s top budget internet service providers, but in 2013 Telefonica (who own O2) sold this arm of their business to Sky. So unless you’re a home worker or run a business from home, you can no longer get wired O2 broadband in your house.

Why does it take 2 weeks to activate broadband?

Two weeks is about right for a new residential provision. Business lines are usually quicker. Charging will not start until your service is activated. Advance charges for provision of service, and initial line rental is normal.

Can I get broadband without contract?