Does Battlefield 3 work on PS3?

Does Battlefield 3 work on PS3?

Battlefield 3 is a 2011 first-person shooter video game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Are Battlefield 4 servers still up PS3?

Battlefield 4 is still active in PlayStation 3.

Can you play Battlefield 4 on PS3 online?

No, it is online only. The only way to play offline is in the Campaign. All Battlefiled games are like this.

What Battlefield game is offline?

Battlefield V
This game is OFFLINE Only (Single Player ONLY)….Battlefield V (Offline) (Complete Edition) (First Person Shooter, for PC)

Title Name Battlefield V (Offline)
Type First Person Shooter
Genre Action
Game Modes Single Player
Publisher Electronic Arts

Why is there no sound on Battlefield 3 on my PC?

Cause: BF3 bug with onboard (motherboard) audio. Fix: Install a separate soundcard & use that. Disable onboard audio in BIOS. *Note users on EA UK forums have had success with Creative X-FI cards. (No game freezes) 1.Go to your card manufacturers website. (E.g.

How to update Battlefield 3 to the latest version?

-Select “Battlefield 3”. The path of the game should be detected automatically, if not, point it to the right path. -Once the downloads are over, you’ll get a message “battlefield 3 is up to date” or similiar. you may now close the application.

How can I play Battlefield 3 using my Steam Overlay?

How can I play Battlefield 3 using my Steam overlay? – Disable Origin’s overlay (click the gear/cog and go to the “in game” settings tab). – In Steam, add Origin.exe as a non-steam game to your library.

Where can I Find my Profile for Battlefield 3?

Go here: C:\\Users\\YOU\\Documents\\Battlefield 3\\settings 2. Open PROF_SAVE_profile with notepad++ (can download for free)