Does DHL cover watches?

Does DHL cover watches?

DHL will pay compensation for packages damaged or lost in transit….Transport insurance FAQ.

Securities (money-equivalent instruments honored by banks), e.g.: Other valuables, e.g.:
Admission tickets and travel tickets (transferable) Watches, except wearables (e.g. smartwatches)
Vouchers, coupons Gemstones

Can I send jewelry through DHL?

DHL Restricted Items Dangerous Goods (Hazardous or combustible materials including asbestos and ammunition) Firearms (Includes parts of paintball guns, pellet guns, and air rifles) Industrial diamonds/carbons (Valued over US$10,000) Jewelry (Valued over US$100, including watches)

What items Cannot be shipped by DHL?

Prohibited & Restricted Goods

  • Animals (including insects, hatching eggs)
  • Bullion.
  • Counterfeit or pirated goods.
  • Currency.
  • Dangerous goods, hazardous or combustible materials.
  • Drugs and narcotics (illegal)
  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition (including replicas)
  • Human remains (including ashes)

Does Amazon do DHL?

Amazon is reportedly partnering with the German-based DHL delivery service for its Prime Air transport operation in Kentucky as well as for Amazon Fresh food deliveries in Germany. The Lane Report says Amazon will begin processing shipments at DHL’s facility at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport in May.

How do I ship a watch insured?

The most secure service available is via the United States Postal Service using “Registered Mail” and having the contents insured. Items sent via Registered Mail are under tight security from the point of mailing to the point of delivery. A signature trail accompanies your watch’s travel from beginning to end.

How much does it cost to insure a watch for shipping?

It the unlikely event your watch should be lost in transit, the U.S. Postal Service will fully reimburse you for up to a declared value of US$25,000. For example, to insure a watch valued at US$2,000 will cost you around US$17.15, plus postage. $8,000 worth of insurance costs about $25.25, plus postage.

Does DHL allow electronics?

There are goods that may not be transported for safety or legal reasons. The following items and items are not allowed to ship: Dangerous goods including dangerous goods in limited and reduced quantities* Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic equipment containing lithium batteries.

Can DHL ship gold?

According to DHL, shipping gold bullion is akin to shipping illegal drugs, guns, and pornography (none are allowed without express written permission from DHL). The following commodities are NOT acceptable for transport by DHL – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, including domestic (USA) moves.

Can you send watches overseas?

Smartwatches are considered electronic items and can, therefore, be shipped internationally with courier or post services. Always keep the original invoice of the equipment and adequately pack your watch for shipping – the best way of doing so is keeping the original packaging.

Can electronics be sent via DHL?

Electronics such as tablets, computers and components are fragile and must be protected against damage. Retail packaging is usually not enough to provide adequate protection during transit. DHL recommends the use of the box-in-box packing technique for the transportation of all electronic goods.

Does DHL exist in USA?

As DHL is no longer a United States company, it is not allowed to make domestic flights between U.S. airports. DHL contracts these services to other providers.

How can I send a watch internationally?

How to pack a watch for shipping by courier or post

  1. Use bubble wrap to protect the watch and secure it with tape.
  2. Put the watch in its original packaging or a small cardboard box, previously padded.
  3. Put this box into a larger one, also previously padded.
  4. Seal and label the parcel (if needed).

Is it safe to ship an expensive watch?

Can I ship a watch internationally? will cover the cost for Standard International Mail* (orders over $249+) and USPS Domestic First Class (orders over $99+). Not all countries are eligible for free international shipping. Upgraded shipping options will be quoted during checkout. All prices are in US Dollars ($USD).

How can I send an expensive watch?

When sending an expensive or luxury watch, packing it in its original box is even more important, since these are delicate items.

  1. Use bubble wrap to protect the watch and secure it with tape.
  2. Put the watch in its original packaging or a small cardboard box, previously padded.

Can you ship electronics internationally?

When you send laptops, smartphones, or other electronic devices through the mail, you may be dealing with lithium batteries. While a ground service is perfectly okay for sending items like this, it’s not okay to send them internationally.

Does DHL allow gold jewelry?