Does Honda make good snowblowers?

Does Honda make good snowblowers?

If you want a snow-munching beast that blows away the competition – and your snow – this might be ideal for you and your large property. Nearly every manufacturer of blowers offers such a powerful two-stage blower, but Honda goes well above and beyond with its dual-stage powerhouse HSS1332ATD.

What snowblower has a Honda engine?

1. Honda 9HP 28In Two-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower. If you are looking for superior traction through all conditions, the Honda 9HP 28In Two-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower with an electric start is the snow blower for you! Equipped with a Honda GX200 engine, the blower is reliable, quiet, and fuel-efficient.

What is the quietest snowblower?

5 Quiet Snowblower Options Available

  • Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow Blower.
  • Snow Joe SJ615E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 15-Inch | 11 Amp Motor.
  • Poulan Pro PR300, 30 in. 254cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Blower.
  • TACKLIFE Snow Blower, 15 Amp Electric Snow Thrower.
  • Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snow Thrower.

Do Honda snowblowers have steering?

Easy turns are standard with Honda steering lever controls. With both steering levers engaged, the unit can be easily rolled and maneuvered with the engine off. Conveniently-located choke control for maximum flexibility under various temperature conditions (HSS928 and HSS1332 models only).

Are Honda snowblowers quiet?

Honda single-stage, two-stage and hybrid snowblowers are exceptionally quiet, efficient and easy to use.

What’s the difference between a snow blower and thrower?

A “snow thrower” refers to a single stage snow removal machine that picks up the snow in one motion and throws it out the chute with the continuation of that movement. The term “single stage” describes the fact that the snow is thrown in one single movement. A “snow blower” refers to a two stage snow removal machine.

Are Honda snowblowers Made in Japan?

The all-new HSS Series products are being manufactured domestically at Honda Power Equipment Mfg., Inc. (HPE) in Swepsonville, NC, using domestic and globally sourced parts, allowing for increased flexibility to meet customer demand.

Where are Honda snowblower made?

North Carolina
Like all Honda products, legendary reliability and quality are built right in – and for all HSS snow blowers, that assembly and production takes place in our North Carolina facility with domestic and globally sourced parts.

Who makes Honda snowblower engines?

Honda total employment in North Carolina is nearly 3,000. Today, HPE is the sole global production source for all Honda GC and GCV general-purpose engines and all Honda single-stage snow blowers. HPE provides these products – vital tools for residential and commercial users – to customers around the world.

Are Honda snowblowers made in Japan?

Is a snow thrower worth it?

In short, snow blowers are worth it if you get a significant amount of snowfall each year or have large areas that need cleared from snow. A small investment in a snow blower pays dividends in manual labor savings and risks.

Why buy a Honda snow blower?

At the heart of every Honda snow blower is a famously reliable, easy-starting Honda engine. No other manufacturer offers the advantages of 100% Honda integrated design, with the ideal Honda engine selected and engineered in, every step of the way.

What kind of engine does Honda use for snow removal?

Teaming a Honda GX-Series commercial-grade engine with an optimized impeller system, they can throw snow up to a remarkable 56’. With hydrostatic transmissions for easy variable speed control, a built in LED headlight, and easy controls, the HSS series makes snow removal a breeze.

What kind of snowblower is the Honda hss928ct?

The HSS928CT features the latest Honda snowblower technologies for improved performance in a track drive, dual stage snowblower.? Dual-stage, track drive, 71 cm (28 in.) clearing width

How far can a single stage snowblower throw snow?

This single-stage snowblower features electric start and clears a 50.8 cm (20 in.) path and can throw snow up to 10 m (32.8 ft.)†? This single-stage snowblower for professional contractors clears a 50.8 cm (20 in.) path and can throw snow up to 10 m (32.8 ft)†?