Does HP sell 3D printers?

Does HP sell 3D printers?

Drive new growth and expand into volume production with HP’s robust, manufacturing-ready industrial 3D printers.

How much does a 3D printer machine cost?

Construction 3D printer price A construction 3D printer can cost anywhere between around $180K to over $1M.

How much is an HP MultiJet Fusion?

About the size of two washing machines, the HP Jet Fusion printer line will have a starting price of about $130,000 for the 3200 series and in the low $200,000 range for the more sophisticated 4200 series.

How much is a 3D printer HP?

Can you use a laptop for 3D printing?

Not only do you need a computer for finding 3D models and for preparing those models for printing, but a lot of the back end of printing can be done here. From firmware upgrades to running the printer in real-time, almost anything can be done from a good laptop or PC.

Why HP 3D printing and digital manufacturing?

By partnering with HP 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing we can make any idea, large or small, simple or complex, a reality. Together, we can take revolutionary designs seamlessly from prototype to production grade.

Are there specific availability and pricing for 3D printing products?

Availability, pricing, product configuration and specifications may differ according to geographical location, local laws and practices. Please contact us or talk to your local HP 3D Printing representative for further information or for product configurations specific to your local country.

Which HP printer should I buy?

HP offers a variety of models to suit your needs for paper printing, scanning and photocopying. For home usage, our HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printers are spill proof and promised excellent quality and high-volume printing at the lowest cost.

What does the digital manufacturing network mean for 3D printing?

The Digital Manufacturing Network will help to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing and create new business opportunities.” Jurgen Laudus, Vice President and Director of Materialise’s Manufacturing Division.