Does Jenny marry Tim in The L Word?

Does Jenny marry Tim in The L Word?

Jenny and Tim are in a relationship in season one of The L Word. They get married in the episode “Lawfully”.

Do Jenny and Tim get back together?

When he finds out about Jenny and Marina, he proposes to Jenny and they get married. They eventually break up, and in the first episode of season 2, he is seen moving away for another job. He does return, with a new wife, for a guest appearance in season 3 when his new university comes to L.A. for a swim meet.

What episode does Tim catch Jenny?

Tim discovers Jenny’s affair with Marina – leading to a disastrous choice for the couple’s shaky relationship; the reaction of Bette’s father to Tina’s pregnancy devastates Bette and leads K… Read all.

Who does Tim marry in The L Word?

Jenny Schecter
The relationship between Jenny Schecter and Tim Haspel began when they started dating four years before “Pilot”. Over the course of season one of The L Word, they get married but break up due to Jenny’s affair with Marina Ferrer.

What happened to Tim in The L Word?

Tim is now a swimming coach for the women’s swimming and diving team at California University.

Do Jenny and Marina stay together?

Marina has a short relationship with Jenny. We later find out, after she has already left the show, that Marina is married to a man; this, along with her attempted suicide and institutionalization, is used to explain the quick departure of the actress playing her.

Did Jenny commit suicide The L Word?

And now with ‘The L Word: Generation Q’, who killed Jenny Schecter is finally revealed. Apparently, she committed suicide in Bette’s pool. As Bette is telling Dani (Arienne Mandi) all the things that could be used against her and her political campaign, she reveals that one of her friends committed suicide in her pool.

Why did Dana and Lara break up?

Dana begins dating Lara but feels pressured by Lara to be open about her sexuality. When Dana lands a major sponsorship deal with Subaru, her manager pressures her to stay in the closet and she breaks up with Lara as a result.

What happened to Jenny in The L Word?

In The L Word: Generation Q, Bette reveals that Jenny died by suicide.

Does Shane love Jenny?

Shane makes a series of gestures to earn Jenny’s forgiveness to no avail. Jenny tells Shane that it was she who broke her heart, not Niki, because of their long friendship. She reveals that she’s in love with Shane. Jenny and Shane enter a relationship which Alice discovers and reveals to their friends.

What happened to Jenny at the end of The L Word?

In the final season of The L Word, Jenny was found dead in the pool at Bette Porter and Tina Kennard’s house. After the discovery, the plot shifted into a whodunnit as police realized each of her friends had a motive in wanting to kill her for her.

Is Kit Porter dead?

And while we’ve seen her relapse a couple of times throughout the original series, nothing could have prepared us for Bette’s sobering announcement that Kit Porter died of a heroine overdose.