Does MediaWiki use html?

Does MediaWiki use html?

MediaWiki restricts the use of HTML by default. Only some HTML elements and attributes are allowed. Raw-HTML sections, surrounded by the “html” tag, can be enabled with the configuration parameter $wgRawHtml . The code is available at includes/parser/Sanitizer.

What is a wiki extension?

This is a chrome extension for creating a single html file from a hierarchy of wiki pages.

How do I install MediaWiki on Windows 10?

To install PHP follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
  2. Extract the PHP zip into to a location of your choice.
  3. Create the php.
  4. Open your C:\PHP\php.
  5. Edit permissions on the images directory of the MediaWiki installation and add IUSR with modify privileges.

How to install MediaWiki manually?

The first page is an introduction to the installation process.

  • The next page goes over database settings.
  • Next we have the Forum Settings.
  • This page is a confirmation that the database tables were created and populated with beginning data.
  • Now it is time to create an administrative account for the forums.
  • How to use the MediaWiki imagemap extension?

    non-wikimedia wikis using mediawiki code, can either add the above line in the “mediawiki:common.js” page, or copy the script ( he:Mediawiki:Gadget-ime.js) to a page on their wiki and activating it. Use it on image pages, i.e., pages in “File:” namespace, by clicking the ImageMapEdit > link that appear under the image.

    How to add extensions in MediaWiki in Java?

    Before you start Many extensions provide instructions designed for installation using unix commands. You require shell access (SSH) to enter these commands listed on the extension help pages.

  • Download your extension. Extension Distributor helps you to select and download most of the popular extensions.
  • Install your extension. .
  • How to install MediaWiki on Debian 10?

    Create Atlantic.Net Cloud Server. First,log in to your Atlantic.Net Cloud Server.

  • Install LAMP Server. First,you will need to install the Apache,MariaDB,PHP and other PHP extensions to your server.
  • Create a Database.
  • Download MediaWiki.
  • Configure Apache for MediaWiki
  • Access MediaWiki.