Does Mongoose enchant stack?

Does Mongoose enchant stack?

Mongoose buffs can stack when applied to both MH and OH weapons.

Is Mongoose enchant good for hunters?

In the case of “Mongoose” this is a proc on melee hit with the weapon it is enchanted on (same as lifestealing and also crusader) and so as a hunter may not be as useful as a mainly ranged class.

How much do you tip a Mongoose enchant?

I always tip 5-10g regardless of what the person does. Ask up to 20g if you really feel this costed you a lot and there are few people on your server that can do it but not more.

Can mongoose proc twice?

Yes. Both weapons can proc, and you will have the effect on you twice. If the same weapon procs twice, it will just refresh the buff instead of stack.

How often does mongoose proc?

Mongoose is given a probability of activating the +120 Agility buff based on your swing speed. That probability changes depending on the speed of your weapon/paw so that the end result is an average of 1ppm (one proc per minute).

How do you get the mongoose illusion?

Illusion: Mongoose drops from:

  1. Moroes in Karazhan.
  2. Moroes in Return to Karazhan.

Where does Mongoose enchant drop?

Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mongoose is an enchanting formula dropped by Moroes in Karazhan.

How much does Mongoose enchant cost TBC?

The amount you should expect to pay for this enchant is around 942 gold. :p.

Is executioner better than Mongoose TBC?

From IQgaming… “On the topic of weapon enchants: Executioner is considered better than Mongoose due to the increasing returns nature of ArP. Executioner however, unlike Mongoose, cannot stack with itself. If you have two weapons enchanted with Executioner, the buff will simply refresh.

Where can I buy TBC enchants?

You can learn the new TBC Enchanting skill in Hellfire Peninsula from Felannia (Horde) at Thrallmar, and from Johan Barnes (Alliance) at Honor Hold.

How much is a Mongoose enchant?

Enchant Weapon – Mongoose

Item Level: 15
Stackable: No
Equipable: No
Spells: Mongoose: Use: Permanently enchant a melee weapon to occasionally increase Agility by 21 and haste by 5. Cannot be applied to items higher than level 50
Sell price: 0 10 0

How much do you tip for TBC enchants?

I tip a minimum of 10g for any enchant that is viable for a player at level cap. When the enchant is more rare like Dexterity boots or Surefooted, I’ll often go to 15g. If it’s an enchant like 81 healing or 35 agility or Mongoose, I will usually tip between 20 and 25g.

How much should I tip for mongoose?