Does PowerTRONIC void warranty?

Does PowerTRONIC void warranty?

First thing is the warranty. Installing powertronic voids your KTM warranty. So whenever you put your bike for service, make sure to remove powertronic and revert back to your stock engine mapping unit.

How fast can a Duke 200 go?

It is freeway capable too, with an 87 mph top speed. It’s easy on fuel, as well, with it averaging 51 mpg during high-rpm riding. Even at high speeds, the engine isn’t as buzzy as other singles, including KTM’s own 390.

What is DieselTRONIC tuning box?

The DieselTRONIC is a performance and economy enhancing engine control unit (ECU) conventionally referred as Diesel Tuning Box for vehicles that are powered by common rail diesel (CRDI) engines.

How can I increase my KTM Duke 200 power?

Top 5 modifications for the KTM Duke 200 and 390

  1. 1) Change the Headlights.
  2. 2) Get a Tail-tidy kit.
  3. 3) Get a Windshield for the highways.
  4. 4) Exhaust.
  5. 5) Remap the ECU or get a piggyback power box.

Is remapping legal in India?

There are tuning boxes, ECU remaps and ECU swaps available in the market that can increase the power of your engine. However, it is illegal to drive such cars on public roads.

Does DieselTRONIC increase mileage?

Does it increase my vehicle’s mileage? While the mileage heavily depends on your driving style and also the age of the engine, we have observed and have received feedback from our customers of an improvement in the mileage by 3-4 km/liter after installing the DieselTRONIC.

Does DieselTRONIC void warranty?

A. Being a plug and play system, the DieselTRONIC does not void the warranty of your vehicle.

How many HP is KTM Duke 200?

Engine. Powered by a powerful single-cylinder engine, the KTM 200 DUKE not only delivers intoxicating acceleration but also everyday rideability. Boasting 19 kW (26 hp), it’s the most powerful 4-stroke option in its class.

How can I increase my Duke 200 performance?