Does Stihl make a battery blower vac?

Does Stihl make a battery blower vac?

STIHL Battery Blowers For those that don’t want to annoy their neighbours, STIHL offers a high performance 36V lithium-ion battery blower. Mobile, quiet, powerful and just right for use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, community gardens and hospitals.

Which cordless leaf blower has the longest run time?

The Ego LB5804 Power+ 580 CFM Blower was our previous cordless pick, but it doesn’t match the power of the latest Ego blower, the LB6504. It has the longest run time of any cordless blower we’ve tested, about four minutes more than the LB6504, but we were able to get more done with the stronger blower.

Where are STIHL battery powered blowers made?

*A majority of STIHL products sold in America are made in America of U.S. and foreign materials.

Is STIHL battery leaf blower any good?

Are Stihl Battery Leaf Blowers Good? Stihl Battery Leaf Blowers are known for their exceptionally powerful output, and reliability. These cordless leaf blowers are convenient since they are portable and have variable speed options.

Is MPH or CFM more important for a leaf blower?

The higher the MPH rating, the faster and more forcefully that material can be pushed away. In general, the larger and more powerful a leaf blower’s motor or engine, the higher both the blower’s CFM and MPH ratings will be.

How long does a Stihl BGA 45 battery last?

10 min.
The STIHL Inc. “Caring for Nature” seal identifies its powered products that are more environmentally conscious, producing zero or low exhaust emissions….Reduced-Emission Engine Technology – Caring for Nature.

RUN TIME (w/ Integrated Battery) 10 min.
CHARGE TIME 300 min.

What is a good CFM for a cordless leaf blower?

between 400-700
Depending on its intended use, a cordless leaf blower with a CFM between 400-700 should be powerful enough to greatly ease your fall yard chores. If you have a small yard with little debris, choose one with 200-400 CFM.