Does the commuter rail go to Brockton?

Does the commuter rail go to Brockton?

Brockton station is an MBTA Commuter Rail station in Brockton, Massachusetts. It serves the MBTA Middleborough/Lakeville Line and is a stop on the CapeFLYER seasonal line. The station consists of a single full-length high-level platform which is fully handicapped accessible.

How do you read a train schedule?

Mark the time you plan to travel. Locate the arrival city on the left side of the train schedule. Once found, drag your finger across the row until it connects with the departure time column. Next, mark the departure time and slowly drag your finger down the column until the point meets with the arrival city.

How do you use a timetable?

To use the timetable, you first figure out what time you need to be at a certain place. Then you look for the place on the timetable and find the time that is close to the time you need to be there. If you need to walk from the bus stop, you’ll need to figure that time in as well.

How often is Capitol Corridor?

2-3 times per year
The Capitol Corridor operates daily trips between Sacramento and Oakland/San Francisco, as well as San Jose. Train schedules are updated 2-3 times per year; for the most current information, pick up a printed timetable at a Capitol Corridor station or visit

Does MBTA Commuter Rail run on Sunday?

Posted on June 15, 2021 Schedules are now available to view on Rail service on Saturdays and Sundays will return to the Fitchburg, Franklin, Greenbush, Haverhill, Kingston, Lowell, and Needham lines. Saturday and Sunday service will be identical across all lines.

Can you drink on the MBTA Commuter Rail?

Passengers are reminded that consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the MBTA or Commuter Rail. Additional Customer Service Personnel and Transit Police will be available to assist passengers, escort trains and promote public safety. Remember: if you see something, say something.