Does union mean Pearl?

Does union mean Pearl?

(countable, now rare, archaic) A large, high-quality pearl. (with determiner, dated, especially 19th century) The United States of America.

What does it mean to be in union?

A union is an organization formed by workers who join together and use their strength to have a voice in their workplace. Through their union, workers have the ability to negotiate from a position of strength with employers over wages, benefits, workplace health and safety, job training and other work-related issues.

What is the synonym of union?

unification, uniting, joining, merging, merger, fusion, fusing, amalgamating, amalgamation, junction, coalition, combining, combination, consolidation, conjunction, confederation, federation, integration, synthesis, blend, blending, mixture, mingling, commingling.

Why is it pearl of wisdom?

The term pearls of wisdom dates back at least to the early 1800s, though the idea of comparing wisdom to the preciousness of pearls is found in the book of Job in the Old Testament, “No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls: for the price of wisdom is above rubies.”

What is wisdom pearl?

Definition of pearl of wisdom : a wise word or statement He offered some pearls of wisdom about raising children. —often humorous A crowd of reporters gathered around the coach after the game to hear him dispense his usual pearls of wisdom.

What’s the antonym for union?

OPPOSITES FOR union 1, 2 separation, division.

What word means union in math?

The union of a set A with a B is the set of elements that are in either set A or B. The union is denoted as A∪B.

What are nuggets of wisdom?

nugget of wisdom. A particular or singular thing that someone has written or said which is especially wise, sagacious, or informative.

What does no grit no pearl mean?

The saying “No grit, no pearl” means that without the presence of that irritant/grit, there would be no pearl. In other words, the pearl signifies that beauty often comes through hardship.