Does Western Union have to be sent to a specific location?

Does Western Union have to be sent to a specific location?

Within the US If the money transfer was sent for cash pick up, your receiver can pick up cash at any WU Agent location within the state entered by the sender. If the state for pick up changes, the sender must request a payout location change.

How do you fill out a Western Union form to send money?

How to fill out a money order (step-by-step)

  1. Write the payee name. Write the name of the person or business you are addressing the money order to in the “PAY TO THE ORDER OF” field first.
  2. Fill out your information in the purchaser fields. The purchaser is you.
  3. Sign the front of the money order.
  4. Keep the money order receipt.

What documents do I need for Western Union?

Your government-issued ID to be shown at the agent location. Your cash or debit card to pay for the transfer amount and fees. Your receiver’s first and last name, to be entered as it appears on their government-issued ID. Your receiver’s country, and in some cases*** their full address.

What is a payout location?

Payment Location means an office, branch or other place of business of any Borrower.

How many days can money stay in Western Union?

Money transfers are available for 90 days. If the receiver is unable to pick up the money transfer and it has been 90 days, contact Customer Care for the money transfer to be renewed and made available for payout.

What information do you need to send money through Western Union online?

Send Money Online

  1. Log in to your profile. If you don’t have a profile, please register for free.
  2. Choose country, amount and delivery method (cash).
  3. Enter your receiver’s name.
  4. Pay with your card.
  5. You’ll get a confirmation by email. Save the tracking number (MTCN) to share with your receiver for pickup.

Do I put my address on a money order?

If you’re sending a money order, you’ll need to put your own address in the purchaser section. This section might be labeled “from,” “remitter” or “sender” rather than “purchaser.”

What ID do you need to receive money from Western Union?

For your protection and to meet regulatory requirements, you must have an accepted form of government-issued photo ID to pick up money at an agent location in Australia. Acceptable identification includes: All passports (Australian and overseas) Australian-issued drivers license.

What ID do I need to send money with Western Union?

What do I need to send money from an agent location in Australia? You’ll need your receiver’s full name (as it appears on their ID) and address, an accepted form of government-issued photo ID, and payment for the money transfer. You must also be over 18.

How do I change my Western Union region?

Contact customer care to complete a location change. When sending money outside of the US, some countries may require you to provide the specific city/province/state where the funds are being picked up. If the country or province for pick up changes, the sender must request a payout location change.

How do I claim Western Union online?

Select Western Union from the list of Add Money Partners. Enter the MTCN shared by your sender. Verify the details you have provided and then click on Receive on the Confirmation screen. You will receive an in-app and SMS confirmation of the successful receipt of your money transfer.

How much can Western Union send without ID?

A: As long as the sender used a test question, and the clerk checked the “Pay without ID” box. Q: Do I need to fill out a form every time? A: If you are enrolled in the Western Union MyWU program, have sent to the person before, and it is under $1,000.00, you do not have to fill out a form.

Can I Western Union money to myself?

Sending money to yourself with the Western Union TravelWise service at an agent location: To find an agent location, visit and choose “Find Locations”. When you visit the agent near you, simply send yourself a money transfer to be picked up at your destination.