Does WWE 2K15 have CM Punk?

Does WWE 2K15 have CM Punk?

All signs point to CM Punk not returning to wrestling anytime soon, but WWE fans will have the chance to use his character in the WWE 2K15 game as part of the new 2K Showcase mode, according to a press release from 2K Sports.

Is WWE 2K15 on PlayStation now?

#WWE2K22 on Twitter: “#WWE2K15 joined the @playstation Now lineup! Start a free trial today!

What is background matchmaking in WWE 2K15?

Players can use Background Matchmaking to find opponents for Ranked and Casual matches in a variety of match types. Players can set their Matchmaking preferences such Match Types, Superstars, Divas and Arenas and then search for an opponent – even while playing an Exhibition match.

Why is CM Punk in 2K15?

Both CM Punk and WWE made a settlement that allowed him to get his royalty payments. He even said it was kind of dumb (at the time) for 2K to advertise him in the game since he is no longer a part of the company. He ended the statement about WWE 2K15 and 2K by saying “thanks for the big fat check”.

Is WWE 2k14 on PlayStation now?

No, you can not play it on PS4, the game is only out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and the PS4 can not play PS3 games.

Which WWE game has the Attitude Era?

WWE ’13
WWE ’13 focuses on the promotion’s Attitude Era, replacing “Road to WrestleMania” with a new “Attitude Era” mode where the player plays through six different storylines inspired from that time period. In addition to an updated “Predator Technology engine”, the game adds in a new audio system called “WWE Live”.

How much is WWE 2K15?

WWE 2K15 Playstation 4

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2022-05-21 WWE 2K15 (Sony PlayStation 4, 2014) $13.20
2022-05-20 WWE 2K15 (Sony PlayStation 4, 2014) $8.60
2022-05-18 WWE 2K15 (Sony PlayStation 4, 2014) With Manual $12.00
2022-05-18 WWE 2K15 PS4 (Sony PlayStation 4, 2014) $21.95