Has UPSC syllabus changed?

Has UPSC syllabus changed?

The UPSC has not made any changes in the eligibility criteria for 2021. The Baswan Committee had recommended that the upper age limit of the UPSC exam be reduced from the present 32 years….Related Links:

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Is UPSC Prelims and Mains syllabus same?

There are no optional subjects in the Prelims of UPSC Civil Service Exam. There are 48 Optional subjects available for UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam. Candidates appearing for the Mains exam have to choose just 1 optional paper out of 48. There will be 2 papers for the optional subject.

What is the syllabus of the UPSC Mains?

The IAS mains syllabus is comprehensive and the questions asked in the CSE require not only a certain depth of understanding but also the ability to present the answers in a coherent manner. The syllabus of UPSC mains comprises both static and dynamic aspects.

Does UPSC syllabus change from year to year?

Year to year, slight changes can be seen in the UPSC exam pattern, but the syllabus has not changed since 2013. The questions asked now are more to the point that tests candidates’ basic abilities to recruit them as civil servants.

How many languages do we have to choose in UPSC Mains?

The candidate has to choose 22 of indian languages. How many options do we have for optional papers in the UPSC Mains exam? Candidates have 25 options to choose. How much time is given for the UPSC Mains exam?

Why did the UPSC change the CSE mains question pattern?

To keep the syllabus of the CSE mains a bit more generic, UPSC changed the question pattern entirely. For each exam, there were two additional questions. A similar pattern was followed in 2012, which included two papers on general studies and an essay.