How can I book my flight under LTC 80?

How can I book my flight under LTC 80?

Tickets should be purchased from the Airlines (at Booking Counters/ Website of Airlines) or authorized agents of Balmer Lawrie & Company, Ashok Travels and Tours and IRCTC Portal. New and Updated LTC 80 Scheme fare table is being updated by Air India from time to time.

What does LTC 80 fare means?

LTC 80 Fare Air India From Sep 2021 to May 2022 Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is a type of salary component where your employer is providing some yearly benefit to travel with your family. Usually it is mentioned as yearly component but will be paid on monthly wise.

What is LTC flight booking?

LTC air booking is a type of online flights ticket booking. LTC stands for leave travel concession which allows government employees to avail a round trip once to their hometown and once to any other destination in India that is ultimately paid for by the government.

Is it mandatory to book Air India for LTC?

It is clarified that the air travel on Government account both Domestic (including LTC) and International travel can be made by private airlines. Tickets shall be purchased only through the above three authorized agents. 3. This is issued with the approval of the Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure).

Who is eligible for airfare in LTC?

Eligibilty: Any employee with one year of continuous service on the date of journey performed by him/his family is eligible. Employees whose spouses are working in Indian Railways/National Airlines are not eligible for LTC.

What is LTC 80 fare limit?

Air India LTC 80 Fare 2022

Sector & v.v. HLTC (Economy Class)
Delhi Bodhgaya 9800
Delhi Coimbatore 18000
Delhi Dehradun 6000
Delhi Goa 13000

Who are eligible for flight in LTC?

Any employee with one year of continuous service on the date of journey performed by him/his family is eligible. Employees whose spouses are working in Indian Railways/National Airlines are not eligible for LTC.

Can I travel by private airlines on LTC?

“It is clarified that the air travel on government account, both domestic (including LTC) and international travel, can be made by private airlines,” according to an office memorandum issued on Wednesday by the Department of Expenditure of the Ministry of Finance and sent to all Ministries and departments of the …

Is LTC allowed on private airlines?

What is HLTC and DLTC?

Page 1. HLTC (Economy Class) DLTC (Executive Class) Basic Fare.

Is boarding pass necessary for LTC claim?

Boarding Pass & copy of tickets are invariably required to be produced with LTC Claim Bill as a proof of journey and travel fare.

Which airlines is allowed for LTC?

How many family members can avail LTC?

What is the definition of family for LTC? (i) Spouse of the Govt. servant and two surviving unmarried children or Step children. (ii) Married daughters, who have been divorced, abandoned or separated from their husbands and widowed daughters residing with and wholly dependent on the Govt.

What is LTC ID?

IRCTC Air provides Leave Travel Concession (LTC) to all government employees on domestic and international flight bookings. Just select LTC tab while booking flights and provide your valid govt. ID number in order to avail special fares.

Can we use private airlines in LTC?

Can husband and wife both claim LTC?

b) If both husband and wife are employed in different organizations, LTC can be availed for self/any family member only from one organization on declaration and certification by the other organization. However, some family members can avail of LTC from one spouse and the rest of the members from the other spouse.

Can we travel by any airlines on LTC?

When will the LTC 80 scheme for Air India domestic fare start?

Air India Domestic Fare effective from 2.2.2015 for Central Govt Employees – LTC 80 Scheme February 13, 2015 Read more… Encashment of earned leave alongwith LTC February 9, 2015 Read more…

What is LTC 80 and how to apply?

What is LTC 80? LTC 80 is a scheme offered by Air India for booking air tickets when central government officers avail LTC. Prior to July 2009, tariff under LTC 80 was not very significant as officers were allowed to travel in private airlines while claiming LTC.

Which air fare is reimbursed for LTC?

However, the air fare that is reimbursed by the Government for LTC will be restricted to LTC 80 fare relating to flights opertaed by Air India. What is LTC 80?

Are tickets booked under LTC scheme refundable?

Tickets booked under LTC Scheme are refundable. However you will have to pay refund Fee of Rs. 150 per ticket, cancelled at least 1hour prior to the departure. But if you get the Ticket cancelled less than 1hour prior to the departure, it will be treated as no-show.