How can I check my SLC Result 2071?

How can I check my SLC Result 2071?

SLC exam results 2070 2071 with marksheet, marks, percentage

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  2. NTC phone and Cell phone users.
  3. > Through SMS: From GSM/CDMA (Post Paid/Pre Paid) type slcsymbol number (with alphabet) and send it to 1600.
  4. > From GSM (Post Paid/Pre Paid) mobile phones dial *1600* symbol no (without alphabet)#
  5. Visit website:

How do I find my old NEB results?

Go to your mobile Messages box. Compose a New Message. Type NEB Symbol Number. Send SMS to 31003.

How can I check 2072 SLC result?

How to view SLC Results

  1. Nepal telecom: SMS to 1600 (Cheapest one; will take only Rs. 1 plus tax)
  2. Nepal Telecom: IVR to 1600.

Is SLC exam hard?

Though people say that SLC is the most difficult examination in school life, I assure you that it is not true. It is not difficult, but our psychological mindset has made it complex. The reasons why SLC is complex are: > There are competitors nationwide.

How can I check old result in Nepal? NTC is providing the SEE result for the last five years. To find the result in this site, you need to provide the SEE symbol number and your date of birth (must match with your entrance card).

How can I check my Marksheet result 2074?

To check your SEE Result please visit the website: You CAN CHECK SEE RESULT ONLINE THROUGH MANY WEBSITES OR BY SMS/ IVR including those of Ministry of Education, National Examination Board, NCELL, NTC etc.

When did SLC end in Nepal?

School Leaving Certificate (Nepal)

Grade 10 exam (until 2016) in Nepal
Acronym SLC
Year Started 1934 A.D. / 1990 B.S.
Year Ended 2019 A.D. / 2074 B.S.(SLC was moved to Class 11 and Class 13 also known as +2 course which is equivalent to GCE/A-Level of England)
Status Active

When was See Result 2074 published?

SEE Exam Result 2074/75 (2017/2018) Statistics Last year, the results of Grade 10 Secondary Education Examination (SEE) was published on 29 September 2018.