How can I get appointment in MH Rawalpindi?

How can I get appointment in MH Rawalpindi?

Appointment details To book an appointment with any of the doctors practicing at Military Hospital call on 0518151800.

How can I book appointment in CMH Rawalpindi?

You can book an appointment with the consultants at CMH Rawalpindi by contacting the Marham helpline 0311-1222398.

Who is head of CMH Rawalpindi?

Maj Gen Muhammad Aleem
It is headed by a Major General from the Army Medical Corps (Pakistan)….

Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi
Hospital type Teaching Military Hospital
Commandant Maj Gen Muhammad Aleem
Affiliations Army Medical College, PMC, NUMS, CPSP

Which hospital accepts health card in Rawalpindi?

Sehat Card Hospital list Rawalpindi:

Hospital Address
Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology Rawal Road, Chaklala Cantt., Rawalpindi
Al Shahbaz Medical Complex Hospital bohar Bazar, Kahuta, Rawalpindi
Al-Khidmat Raazi Hospital Rawalpindi 24-B-1 Chandni Chowk Flyover, Asghar Mall Scheme, Rawalpindi
Abbasi Hospital Rawalpindi

Which hospitals are included in Sehat card in Islamabad?

Sehat Card Hospital list Islamabad

Hospital Address
Islamabad Intl Hospital And Research Center Main Double Rd, Northern Strip FECHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad
Isra Islamic Foundation G. Limited Al-Nafees Medical College,
Max Health Hospital 12-K Markaz Rd, G-8 Markaz G 8 Markaz G-8, Islamabad

How many MH hospitals are there in Pakistan?

The hospital, established in 1857, has 1200 beds for in-patient treatment. The hospital comprises three medical units, Departments of Surgery, Family Medicine, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, and Department of Intensive Care Units….

Military Hospital Rawalpindi
Lists Hospitals in Pakistan

Where are CMH in Pakistan?

C.M.H stands for Combined Military Hospital that is located in different cantonments of Pakistan. These hospitals, in fact, chains of hospitals are run by the Army….Combined Military Hospital.

Title Description
Type: Military Hospital
Name: Combined Military Hospital
In Urdu: مشترکہ فوجی ہسپتال
Location: Pakistan

Is CMH an army medical college?

Army Medical College / Cmh ( AMC), Rawalpindi announced admission 2022 for BS / Undergraduate Programs. Army Medical College / Cmh Rawalpindi has announced admission for session 2022.

Which hospitals are eligible for Sehat card?

Sehat card is an amazing initiative launched by the government that is planned to provide health insurance to needy people all over Punjab….Hospital Name.

Hospital Name
1 Sh Zayed Medical College And Hospital
2 Lala Medical Complex Rahim Yar Khan
3 Faisal Hospital Rahim Yar Khan
4 Al Rehmat Medical Complex

In which hospitals we can use Sehat card?


Aadil Hospital Lahore Main Boulevard DHA, Lahore
Aamina Jamal Hospital Rahim Yar Khan 23/B Model Town, Rahim Yar Khan
Aasia Iqbal Hospital And Trauma Centre Leiah FATEH PUR LAYYAH
Abbas Institute Of Medical Sciences Muzaffarabad AMBORE MUZAFFARABAD
Hospital Name District Name Address

Where can I get Sehat card in Rawalpindi?

Sehat Card Hospital list Rawalpindi

Hospital Addres
Bahria International Hospital Abu-Bakar Ave, Phase 8 Safari Valley Commercial Block Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
Hussain Lakhani International hospital Liaqat Rd, Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi
Sadaqat international hospital Main bazar matore, road, Kahuta, Rawalpindi

How many military hospitals are in Pakistan?

Today more than forty hospitals are functional throughout the country with the best possible facilities available to military and civilians.

Is Sehat card available in Islamabad?

Qaumi Sehat Card (National Health Card) is a Micro-health Insurance initiative currently available for citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan Azad Kashmir, Islamabad, and Tharparkar (Sindh) under the Sehat Sahulat Program (Healthcare Convenience Program) by the Government of Pakistan.