How can I get Shahid plus?

How can I get Shahid plus?

How do I subscribe to Shahid Plus?

  1. Open Shahid Plus App.
  2. Select Omantel in the payment options.
  3. Enter your GSM number.
  4. Validate with the OTP received on your mobile.
  5. Subscription success – enjoy your favorite shows on Shahid VIP.

How many devices can use Shahid?

With Shahid, you can access your account on unlimited number of devices, however, you can only enjoy streaming or watching from 3 devices at the same time. If you ever encounter the following error, and your account has reached the maximum streams limit.

How can I watch Shahid TV?

Watch Shahid On Demand channel on the Sling App Shahid on-demand content is now available on the Sling App across many compatible devices! Customers who subscribe to our Al Ostoura or Shahid VIP package will now be able to watch Shahid VIP content directly on the Sling app.

How can I get Shahid plus free?

Learn how to activate Shahid Plus free subscription and enjoy a 7-day trial free of charge:

  1. Start by registering through the Shahid Net website via this link.
  2. Choose the type of subscription, either monthly or yearly.

What channels are on Shahid?

Live TV. Live streaming of all MBC TV channels is available on the platform, including MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC4, MBC5, MBC ACTION, MBC MAX, MBC PERSIA, MBC BOLLYWOOD, and MBC DRAMA. Rotana TV channels are also streamed live on Shahid VIP.

How many users can watch Shahid at the same time?

You can access Shahid VIP on up to five devices for the same monthly fee.

Can we share Shahid account?

Shahid. cinema. You can use multiple devices for one account, which allows the whole family to enjoy watching whatever they like.

Is Shahid on Smart TV?

How to Enjoy Shahid? Shahid app is now available on ANY TCL Android TV, whatever it’s previous popular or brand new.

Is Shahid available on Smart TV?

In addition to being able to screencast via a smartphone, the Shahid app is now available on all major Smart TV offerings, such as Samsung, LG and Android-powered TVs, including Sony, TCL Hisense, Philips, Toshiba and Skyworth. Other streaming devices include Apple TV and Xiaomi Mi Box.

How long is the Shahid VIP free trial?

Activate the Shahid plus deal for a 50% discount on the annual subscription and a free 7-day trial period. You can enjoy watching your movies and series on the Shahid Plus website or on the application using your tablet, smartphone, smart TV or laptop.

Can you watch live TV on Shahid?

How many devices can use Shahid VIP at the same time?

five devices
You can access Shahid VIP on up to five devices for the same monthly fee.

How do I activate Shahid plus on my Samsung TV?

You are all set to enjoy Shahid’s content….Next, head to your Shahid Mobile app.

  1. Log in to your account and head to your account settings by tapping on the Face Icon below.
  2. Choose Device Management.
  3. You can either enter the pairing code, or enable your mobile camera access to scan the QR code appearing on your TV app.

Does Samsung TV have Shahid?

Shahid at your fingertips Samsung Smart TVs are crafted to deliver the ultimate watching experience. Now with a dedicated Shahid button right on your Samsung Smart TV One Remote control, a single click will bring you Shahid VIP’s premium content in a flash. It’s time to say goodbye to boring old menus.

How do I connect my Shahid plus to my Samsung TV?

Screen Mirroring Feature.

  1. Ensure your smartphone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Select and connect your TV using a Screen mirroring app*
  3. Tap the Screen Mirroring icon on your smartphone.
  4. Open Shahid app on your smartphone, choose the content you want to watch, and start the player.

Does Shahid work on Samsung TV?

Is there a free trial for Shahid?

Occasionally, and for some eligible customers, We are allowed to enable using Shahid VIP as a free trial. If You are given a free trial, We will inform You of the terms and duration of the trial. Free trial cannot be combined with any other offers. You can review the free trial terms on Shahid Services.

How much is Shahid subscription in UAE?

AED 29.99 per month
How much does Shahid VIP cost? It’s only AED 29.99 per month. What can I watch on Shahid VIP? You can enjoy exclusive Arabic Shahid Originals, Premieres, new series and movies right after their release in cinemas – with no ad interruptions.