How can I print my Aadhar card with PVC?

How can I print my Aadhar card with PVC?

  1. Click on “Order Aadhaar Card” Service.
  2. Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Number (UID) or 16 digit Virtual Identification Number (VID) or 28 digits Enrollment ID.
  3. Enter the security code.
  4. If you have TOTP, choose option “I have TOTP” by clicking in check box else Click on “Request OTP” button.

What is the size of PVC Aadhar card?

Aadhaar Smart Digital Pvc Card Print, Dimension / Size: 3.3 X 2.1 Inch.

What is the size of Aadhar card in pixels?

86×54 mm corresponds to 8.6×5. 4 cm which is 3.386×2. 126 inches or 1016×638 pixels.

Which is best PVC printer?

8 Best Photo ID Card Printers of 2022 | Updated June

  • EasyBadge 2.0 ID Card Printer Bundle.
  • Magicard Pronto100.
  • IDP Smart 21 Card Printer.
  • IDP Smart 31 Card Printer.
  • Magicard 600 Card Printer.
  • Magicard Ultima Retransfer Card Printer.
  • Fargo HDP5000 Retransfer Card Printer.
  • Evolis Primacy 2 Card Printer.

What printer can print on PVC cards?

Top 10 Best PVC Card Printers

  • 1) Epson Single-Function.
  • 2) Kataria PVC ID.
  • 3) Epson PictureMate Photo.
  • 4) Smart iCards PVC.
  • 5) Epson L850 Multi-Function.
  • 6) ANG PVC ID Card Tray.
  • 7) Epson L4160 All-in-One.
  • 8) Shivam Technology PVC ID.

What is the size of Aadhar card in Photoshop?

Can we use PVC Aadhar card?

UIDAI has allowed Aadhaar reprint on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cards which the individuals can obtain by applying/raising a request on the UIDAI website. An individual can choose to have any form of Aadhaar as per his/her convenience.

What is size of PVC Aadhar card?

What is PVC card size?

The most common PVC card size is CR80 with 30 mil thickness. This is the typical credit card-sized card at 3.375″ x 2.125.”

What type of printer can print on PVC cards?

What are the Best Plastic Card Printer Brands?

  • AlphaCard PVC Card Printers.
  • Datacard PVC Card Printers.
  • Evolis PVC Card Printers.
  • Fargo PVC Card Printers.
  • IDP PVC Card Printers.
  • Magicard PVC Card Printers.
  • Zebra PVC Card Printers.

What printer can print PVC?

1) Epson Single-Function This Epson printer is suitable for printing PVC cards provided you purchase the PVC card tray separately. It has an extremely low noise rating of 36 dB that prevents disturbances.