How can I retrieve my log card?

How can I retrieve my log card?

If you were to Google “vehicle log card”, you’d find many search results about how to retrieve it….How to Retrieve Your Vehicle Log Card

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Singpass ID and password.
  3. Select ‘Vehicle Hub’ -> ‘Enquire & Print Vehicle Registration Details’.

Where can I find my IU number?

Like how your car has a unique license plate, your IU also has its own unique registration number for identification. It’s called the “IU number”, and is a 10-digit number located on a sticker on your in-vehicle unit. It can also be found in your vehicle’s log card, which can be accessed via the One Motoring website.

How do I change my car registration address in Singapore?

1. For Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs), you should report a change of address using your Singpass via the e-Service on Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website at Any change of address reported to ICA will be transmitted to LTA on the next working day.

How do I send an email to LTA?

  1. SMRT. Hotline: 1800 336 8900.
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Tower Transit. Hotline: 1800 248 0950.
  4. Email: [email protected]
  5. TransitLink. 9 Maxwell Road #03-02.
  6. Hotline: 1800 2255 663.
  7. For overseas calls: +65 6883 5048.

What card can be used for car IU?

The new IU is designed to accept both the existing NETS CashCard and CEPAS-compliant cards such as the new CEPAS-compliant ez-link card. Motorists have a choice to use either the NETS CashCard or the CEPAS-compliant ez-link card once the cars are fitted with the dual-mode IU.

What does IU mean on a car?

In-Vehicle Unit
IU stands for In-Vehicle Unit, and it is a device that is affixed to all vehicles that wish to have access to roads imposed with taxes (thanks to the Electronic Road Pricing gantries) or, to a lesser extent, car parks using the Electronic Parking System.

Can car be registered in 2 names in Singapore?

1 Answer. There are no restrictions imposed on the number of vehicles a person can register under his/her name, as long as the person is successful in bidding or securing a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) to register a vehicle.

How do I contact the LTA by phone?

Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)

  1. Telephone 020 8487 7000.
  2. Email [email protected]
  3. Website

How do I contact Singapore LTA?

What if I go through ERP without CashCard?

If you do not have enough money in your stored-value card, you will incur an ERP violation and will have to pay a fine.

Can I use EZ-Link for IU?

EZ-Link cards are compatible with current dual-mode in-vehicle unit (IU), for your ERP and carpark payments.

Why is my IU not detected?

If IU is not detected, it could be due to loose connection of wires, defective IU, blown fuse, etc. It’s advisable to bring your vehicle to IU service centres to get it inspected and repaired.

How do I change my car IU?

You have the option to transfer your deregistered IU at an authorised IU service centre. The IU must be in good working condition, as deemed by the inspection centre, and must be transferred within six months from the registration date of the vehicle. It can only be transferred among vehicles in the same class.

How do I get the vehicle registration number from SingPass?

1) Log on to 2) Log in with your Singpass. 3) After successfully logging in to [email protected], select ‘Vehicle Hub’ -> ‘Enquire & print veh reg details’ -> select the vehicle registration number of the required vehicle -> click Next and print the details accordingly. Reply.

How to retrieve your vehicle Log card?

How to Retrieve Your Vehicle Log Card 1 Go to 2 Log in with your Singpass ID and password. 3 Select ‘Vehicle Hub’ -> ‘Enquire & Print Vehicle Registration Details’.

How do I view the terms&conditions of my SingPass?

On the left panel, under LTA Services Using, please select “Sing Pass” 3.) Enter your “NRIC/FIN Number” and “Singpass Password” 4.) Once entered, please click the “Submit” Button 5.) You should be able to see the Terms & Conditions.

What is a log card and what is it for?

A log card, sometimes referred to as LTA log card or e-Log card, is a document that stores all of your vehicle details and particulars. Besides the make and model of your vehicle, the log card also contains vital information, such as the date that you registered for your vehicle, COE number, IU number, and chassis number.