How can you tell Lalique?

How can you tell Lalique?

Generally, all authentic pre-1945 Lalique markings are very small, rarely over 1/8″ high. The lettering style is very plain with all letters being the same width and no decorative flourishes at the end of the letters. Marks on genuine pieces appear in inconspicuous places like bottom rims or worked into the design.

Is Lalique crystal?

The company is best known for the production of artistic glass works, primarily using crystal (lead glass) since the mid-twentieth century. The addition of perfumes (in 1992) and non-glass decorative items and art (since 2011) are recent additions to Lalique’s product line.

Does all Lalique have a signature?

No, not all signatures or marks contain the phrase “R. Lalique”. Some exceptions would be jewelry with metal backing is many times stamped LALIQUE in the metal, and may or may not be signed on the glass. There are 2 different VDA molded marks, one with FRANCE molded under it and one without FRANCE.

Are Lalique pieces worth anything?

For instance, Lalique car mascots, perfume bottles in the form of flowers with original stoppers, horse heads, figural animals and birds are all rare, quite collectible and ultra valuable. Collectors regularly pay thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for such Lalique art glass.

Is Lalique always signed?

Pieces made from 1905 to 1945 will bear an “R” and will most commonly be signed “R. Lalique, France”. As mentioned, these pieces are worth considerably more than a piece produced post 1945 and subsequently more likely to be forged. Watch for a piece that was produced after 1945 with an “R” in the signature.

Does Lalique crystal contain lead?

Upon René’s death in 1945, his son Marc instigated the shift from mid-range, utilitarian glass to high-end crystal, and the Lalique factory has only manufactured crystalware since. Crystal is glass containing at least 24 % lead oxide, the ingredient that gives it its weight, brilliance and sonority.