How competitive is STA-21?

How competitive is STA-21?

According to Boisselle, the STA-21 application process is competitive, where only 18 percent of the STA-21 applicants get approved, compared to 20 to 30 percent the previous years.

When applying for the STA-21 program which of the following exams is required to be taken?

A: In order to be considered for the STA-21 Commissioning Program, applicants must have minimum SAT test scores of 500 Math and 500 Critical Reading (or ACT test scores of 21 Math and 20 English). Note: Applicants for the Nuclear Option must have minimum of 1140 SAT (combined) or 50 ACT (combined Math/English).

What is STA-21 in the military?

STA-21 or Seaman to Admiral – 21 is a United States Navy commissioning program, designed to enable active-duty sailors to get a college degree and become commissioned officers.

How many parts are included in the application procedure of the STA-21 program?

two parts
Applying to the STA-21 program is done in two parts.

Does STA-21 have an age limit?

Age: STA-21 SWO Option selectees must be able to complete degree requirements and be commissioned prior to age 31. Waivers beyond age 31 will not be considered. Enlisted Source: Open to men and women of all ratings.

Does STA-21 use your GI Bill?

Participants in the STA-21 program will: The VA has authorized the use of the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) benefits (Chapter 30 of Title 38) to pay for courses after the service member’s STA-21 funds are exhausted, as long as payment is for different courses and not combined to pay for the same course.

What does STA-21 mean in the Navy?

The Seaman-To-Admiral (STA-21) commissioning program, which provides an opportunity for qualified Sailors to receive college educations and U. S. Navy commissions, is soliciting applications for fiscal year 2022, as announced in NAVADMIN 094/21.

How does the STA-21 program work?

Participants in the STA-21 program will: Receive up to $10,000 per year, paid to the university to supplement the costs of tuition, fees, and books. Upon successful degree completion, be commissioned as active duty Ensigns in the United States Navy (USN).

Does STA-21 pay for college?