How deep is lake congamond?

How deep is lake congamond?

North Pond, the deepest basin has depths of 40 feet and therefore is the clearest lake….Congamond Lakes.

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How many acres is lake congamond?

465 acres
Congamond Lake (465 acres) is a natural lake with the majority of the lake located in Massachusetts. The North Pond is 46 acres, Middle Pond is 277 acres and South Pond is 142 acres connected by culverts in which small boats can pass through.

How did Southwick Massachusetts get its name?

Early history In the mid-17th century, pioneering English explorers moving up the Connecticut River Valley seeking fertile farmlands and game discovered the area and settled Southwick. It became a farming community, defined as the Southern (South-) village (-wick) part of the town of Westfield, Massachusetts.

Where can I fish in congamond Lake?

Fishing spots near Congamond Lakes

  • © Mapbox, © OpenStreetMap. Leonard Pond. Massachusetts,
  • Harts Pond. Massachusetts, United States.
  • Spears Pond. Connecticut, United States.
  • Still Brook. Massachusetts, United States.
  • Still Brook. Connecticut,
  • North Pond. Massachusetts,
  • Great Marsh. Connecticut,
  • Silver Lake. Massachusetts,

Why is there a notch in the CT MA border?

The land dispute was finally settled when negations began to take place in 1791 that finally resulted in an 1804 agreement that Connecticut would regain the border towns, but as a token compromise, lose the portion of Southwick which is now the mysterious little notch at our northern border.

Why does Southwick stick into Connecticut?

Another popular story is that the early surveyors who ran the line were a bit under the influence of alcohol when they arrived at this point. Consequently, they laid the line too far north. Rather than go to the expense of running the line again, a compromise was made, giving Southwick some of Connecticut territory.

Why does Southwick MA stick into Connecticut?

Why Does Connecticut have a notch at the top?

Why is there a “jog” in Connecticut’s border with Massachusetts? The notch in Connecticut’s northern border, just above Granby, is sometimes called the “Southwick Jog”. In 1642 Massachusetts hired two surveyors, Nathaniel Woodward and Solomon Saffery, to survey the boundary between that colony and Connecticut.

Why does Massachusetts jut into Connecticut?

What do you call a person from Massachusetts?

Massachusetts. People who live in Massachusetts are called Massachusettsans and Bay Staters.

Why does CT have a panhandle?

Why does Connecticut have a “panhandle” that extends westward toward New York? Under an agreement with the Dutch in 1650, the western boundary of Connecticut was to extend northward from the west side of Greenwich Bay “provided the said line come not within 10 miles of Hudson River.”