How did Method Man get a glass eye?

How did Method Man get a glass eye?

According to an eyewitness, Method Man and Redman were performing at the festival Sunday night when someone in the audience threw what looked like “a full beer can” at MM’s face — resulting in a pretty nasty eye wound.

How much money does Method Man Make?

Method Man is an American hip-hop recording artist, music producer, and actor who has a net worth of $14 million.

Is there something wrong with Method mans eye?

In 2010, Method Man did have a close call with an eye injury, when he was hit in the face with a full beer can during his performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos. It had absolutely nothing to do with the contact lens that he wore in the 90s, and there was no permanent damage, but it did result in a bloody face.

Did Method Man really play lacrosse?

Apparently, Method Man was quite good at lacrosse, and was especially fond of taking faceoffs as a midfielder. Among other things he talks about in the interview are a play that he remembers from high school called “North Carolina”, which allowed him to take the ball to the cage.

What is the real name of the Method Man?

Grammy Award winning American hip hopper, actor and record producer, Clifford Smith, better known by his stage name Method Man is one of the most successful solo stars from the ‘Wu-Tang Clan’, an American hip hop group. He is one of the most emerging and charismatic figures in the field of rap music.

How many kids does Method Man have?

Therefore, he has kept his family life more private. How many kids does Method Man have? The Wu-Tang Clan member has three children with his wife. His oldest Sha is followed by Rae and Cheyenne, who are twins.

What does Method Man stand for?

Method Man. Clifford Smith, better known by his stage name Method Man, is an American hip hop recording artist from Staten Island, New York. A rapper, record producer and actor, Method Man is perhaps best known as a member of the East Coast hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. He took his stage name from the 1979 film The Fearless Young Boxer, also

Where is Method Man now?

Ol’ Dirty Bastard -$500,000. ODB hit the Billboard top 40s with songs like “Got Your Money”,but ODB suffered numerous financial setbacks due to drug addiction and legal

  • Masta Killa -$1 million. Masta released his first solo album No Said Date,in 2004,the same year that Ol’ Dirty Bastard died.
  • Inspectah Deck -$4 million.
  • U-God -$5 million.