How do I access Stingray Music?

How do I access Stingray Music?

Visit on your computer and select Log In 2. Log-in using your email address, Facebook account, or launch the Stingray Music mobile app on your mobile device. 3. Follow instructions to scan the code displayed on your computer screen using the Stingray Music mobile app.

How does Stingray Music Make Money?

Stingray buys licences to songs and then makes money selling the music as preprogrammed packages to cable providers, satellite operators and other broadcasters. It typically gets paid a fee for every subscriber. It also has a unit that sells customized music for commercial clients including Subway and Fairmont Hotels.

How much does Stingray Music cost?

The app is available for free or with an upgrade to Premium for a monthly subscription fee of $3.99 and a discounted price of $0.99 for students. Recently redesigned from the ground up, Stingray Music empowers listeners to easily find the perfect soundtrack for all of life’s moments.

Is there an app for Stingray Music?

Hit the road with Good news, Stingray Music now works with Android Auto™. Take your listening experience on the road with a brand new interface, dashboard controls, and voice-commands designed especially for driver safety.

Who owns the Stingray group?

Stingray Digital is majority owned by Telesystem, Novacap and Boyko Investment Corporation. The company, whose headquarters are in Montréal, employs 200 people in its Canadian offices in addition to brick and mortar locations in Los Angeles, in the United States, London, in England and Tel-Aviv in Israel.

Can you download songs on Stingray Music?

It is not possible to download music from Stingray Music for offline playback. Every Stingray channel has always been lovingly curated by one of our music experts worldwide.

What is the Stingray channel?

Great music never goes out of style! Stingray Retro is a specialty music video television channel that attracts an audience of women and men ages 30 to 49 (“the music video generation”). Stingray Retro is home to the most popular, enduring and influential stars of the ’80s, ’90s and early ’00s.

Is Stingray from Cobra Kai?

[This story contains spoilers for Cobra Kai season four.] With the new season comes the return of fan-favorite Raymond, aka Stingray — played by award-winning actor Paul Walter Hauser — an eccentric goof who just wants to be in with the popular karate crowd, despite being far older and fairly out of place.

What does Stingray company do?

A Leading Global Music, Media, and Technology Force Stingray is a premium provider of curated direct-to-consumer and B2B services, including audio television channels, over 100 radio stations, SVOD content, 4K UHD television channels, karaoke products, digital signage, in-store music, and music apps.

Can I play Stingray Music offline?