How do I assign a disk from VIO to LPAR?

How do I assign a disk from VIO to LPAR?


  1. LPAR Get the LPAR number. Get the disk name. Get the slot number based on the vscsi device.
  2. HMC Get VIOS slot number. Get VIOS number.
  3. VIOS Use VIOS slot number to get the vhost. Show disks which are being mapped to the vhost which you discovered.

What is an AIX LPAR?

AIX logical partition virtual machine technology is released by IBM with AIX as a full virtualization solution. LPAR differs from other popular alternatives like Xen and VMware in terms of operation, performance and flexibility.

What is IBM VIO server?

Virtual I/O (VIO) server is a virtualization technology by IBM. A Virtual I/O server is a logical partition (LPAR) that runs a trimmed-down version of the AIX operating system. Virtual I/O servers have APV support, which allows sharing of physical I/O resources between virtual I/O clients.

How do I Unmap a vSCSI disk in Vio?

How to remove VSCSI disk‎

  1. Deallocate all the physical partitions associated with the physical volume in the volume group.
  2. Remove the physical volume from the volume group.
  3. Map the virtual scsi disk on the VIO client partiton to the backing device on the VIO server.

Is LPAR same as VM?

Summary. Power Systems uses the term Logical Partition (LPAR), which is a vague non-descriptive term and the rest of the computing world uses Virtual Machine (VM).

Is vio a hypervisor?

VIOS is not a hypervisor, nor is it required for sub-CPU virtualization. VIOS can be used to manage other partitions in some situations when a HMC is not used. This is called IVM (Integrated Virtualization Manager). Depending on configurations, VIOS may or may not be a single point of failure.

How do I Unmap a Vscsi disk in Vio?

How do I find my LPAR name on AIX?

Viewing managed systems

  1. Click Managing > Hosts and HBAs > Virtualization Servers.
  2. In the Virtualization Servers Summary table, click the name of a virtualization server whose virtualization technology is identified as AIX LPAR. The Overview pane for the managed system appears.

Can AIX be virtualized?

AIX logical partition or LPAR is a virtual machine in the IBM PowerVM virtualization technology. Virtualizated technologies such as IBM PowerVM enable: Better utilization of IT resources and sharing of I/O resources to lower costs. Greater flexibility to re-allocate resources to applications as needed.

How do I check VIO version on AIX?

Then run oem_setup_env and check the AIX equivalent. You should see something like: 6100-09-05-1524 if ioslevel shows something like 2.2. 3.52. You can check the VIOS to NIM mapping table to find out how these should match.