How do I become an air traffic controller in Illinois?

How do I become an air traffic controller in Illinois?

To work as an air traffic controller, you typically need to:

  1. have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  2. have a bachelor’s degree and three years of work experience OR have a combination of the two;
  3. pass a pre-employment test;
  4. be under 31 years of age;
  5. pass a medical exam and drug screening;
  6. obtain a security clearance;

How long is the FAA air traffic control Academy?

two to five months
FAA Academy training takes two to five months to complete depending on one’s experience, and it can take two to four years of on-the-job training to become fully certified. Some may become fully certified in as few as five years, while others can take eight years or more.

What is the best school for air traffic control?

Best Schools for Air Traffic Controller in the United States

  • #1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach.
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott.
  • University of North Dakota.
  • Mt.
  • Lewis University.
  • Florida Institute of Technology.
  • Community College of Baltimore County.
  • University of Alaska Anchorage.

How do I become an air traffic controller in Florida?

How do I become an Air Traffic Controller?

  1. Graduate from an FAA approved AT-CTI program, or have three year’s work experience, or a combination of work experience and education.
  2. Receive an official school recommendation.
  3. Be a United States citizen.

Is it hard to find a job as an air traffic controller?

Controllers train for many years to qualify for the job, and only around 1% of applicants make it through to qualify. Initially, a controller will spend approximately 12 months studying both the practical and theoretical sides of air traffic control at a specialist college.