How do I buy Bologna FC tickets?

How do I buy Bologna FC tickets?

I suppose the tickets for single match will be sold via LisTicket, so you can purchase them in advance: . Keep an eye on Bologna FC website: . For the cost it depend from the sector.

Where can I buy ACF Fiorentina tickets?

Fiorentina Tickets Tickets for Fiorentina games can be bought online via Ticketone, at the Fiorentina Point at Via dei Sette Santi 28r at two blocks from the stadium, or at the official club store at I Gigli shopping centre north-west of the city.

How do I get tickets for AC Milan?

AC Milan Tickets Tickets are also available at the stadium before the start of the match. Milan tend to only sell out the home matches versus Inter and Juventus. An ID is required in order to buy tickets.

How do I get Calcio Storico tickets?

Calcio Storico Fiorentino takes place every year in Florence, Italy. The game is played in front of Santa Croce at the Piazza Santa Croce. In recent years, as part of the effort to keep the event local, tickets are only sold in person at the local box office.

How much are tickets to calcio storico?

about 15 to 40€
Tickets range from about 15 to 40€ and can be purchased at a box office at via Alamanni, 39 in Florence or at the Teatro Verdi.

Where should I sit in San Siro?

The best seats to watch the game are the ones closer to the middle line of the field (settore rosso or settore arancio, as close to the middle and to the pitch as possible). The best place to feel the game is the one in the stands where Milan tifossi are (behind the goals), but they are not the safest ones.

How do I get calcio storico tickets?

Does the San Siro sell out? are reporting that Milanisti are behind the club 100% and showing it in the stadiums as the previous game was sold out and once again, the San Siro will be sold out for the Fiorentina game representing over 75,000 tickets sold at the moment.