How do I change the Administrator account in SharePoint 2013?

How do I change the Administrator account in SharePoint 2013?

Go to your SharePoint Central Administration site >> Click on Security >> Configure Managed Accounts. Click on “Edit” icon next to the SharePoint Farm account. Tick “Change password now” check box and enter the new password by setting “Set account password to new value” option.

What are the types of account used in SharePoint?

Overview: SharePoint Service Accounts and Permissions

Account Type
SharePoint Administrator / Install Account (Details) Domain User
SharePoint Farm Service (Details) Domain User
ApplicationPool Account (Details) Domain User
Service Application Account (Details) Domain User

How do I find a SharePoint farm account?

To identify SharePoint Farm account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your SharePoint Central Administration site >> Click on Security >> Configure Service Accounts.
  2. In the First Dropdown, Select “Farm Account”
  3. You’ll find your SharePoint Farm Account listed automatically in the second dropdown.

What is SharePoint farm account?

The SharePoint Farm service account, which is also referred to as the database access account, is used as the application pool identity for Central Administration and as the process account for the SharePoint Timer Service.

How do I change my farm account in SharePoint 2010?

How to change the Farm Service Account in SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016

  1. Add the New Account. User Name (NEW USER) Password (NEW PASSWORD)
  2. Launch Central Administration. Select Security. Select Configure Service Accounts. Update the following Accounts: • Farm Account.

How do I reset my SharePoint password?

In the admin center, go to the Users > Active users page. On the Active users page, select the user and then select Reset password. Follow the instructions on the Reset password page to auto-generate a new password for the user or create one for them, and then select Reset.

What is SharePoint 2013 manage account?

Managed Account is a SharePoint service which one point location to manage your services account, you can set the password expiry dates, change the password in AD and update SharePoint. Once you manage the account in sharepoint then you dont need password any more.

What are service accounts in SharePoint?

SharePoint Web Applications The user account that the worker processes that service the application pool use as their process identity. This account is used to access content databases that are associated with the web applications that reside in the application pool.

How do I check my farm account?

Approach 2

  1. Open “Run” and type services. msc.
  2. It will populate the service panel. Search for SharePoint Timer Service.
  3. And there, you can see the Farm Administrator account ID.

Who is SharePoint farm administrator?

SharePoint farm administrator role and responsibilities A SharePoint administrator is responsible for the installation, configuration, maintenance, management and software upgrades of SharePoint farms. They must also configure service applications, maintain and manage the content databases.

How do I change the farm service account in SharePoint 2013?

To change the service account, you could follow the steps below:

  1. Add new accounts in the Active Directory Domain Services.
  2. Configure the service account in SharePoint center administration.
  3. Change SharePoint Central Administration Account.
  4. Change the service account in the application pool, services in services.

How can I reset my Microsoft account?

Use the online account recovery form Enter your Email, phone, or Skype name in the first box if you know it. In the Contact email address text box, type an email address where we can contact you or send your password reset link. Note that this email address should be different from the one you’re trying to recover.

What is a group managed service account?

Group managed service accounts (gMSAs) are managed domain accounts that you use to help secure services. gMSAs can run on a single server or on a server farm, such as systems behind a network load balancing or Internet Information Services (IIS) server.

What service accounts are recommended for SharePoint?

Recommended SharePoint 2016 Service Accounts and Naming Conventions:

Account Name Description Managed Account?
SP13_SuperUser Cache account for web application super user account . No
SP13_SuperReader Cache account for web application super reader account No
SQL_Admin SQL Admin on the SQL Server. Used to install the SQL Server. No

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