How do I check my CCLI?

How do I check my CCLI?

Song Validation CCLI’s SongSelect makes it easy to confirm if a song is authorized under your license. Simply visit and enter the song title in the search box.

How do I copyright a worship song?

Step by Step Guide to Copyright a Song Online

  1. 1 – Create a demonstration recording (“demo”).
  2. 2 – Go to United States Library of Congress.
  3. 3 – Create an account.
  4. 4 – Click on “Register a New Claim” under “Copyright Services” to start the process.
  5. 5 – Pay the piper.
  6. 6 – Upload your work.

What do I have to report to CCLI?

CCLI relies on your reporting to distribute royalty payments fairly and accurately to the songwriters and publishers whose works your licences permit you to reproduce or copy. You should report on a regular basis, ideally weekly, or whenever you have reproduced songs or made copies.

Where can I find worship sheet music?

Your go-to source for praise and worship sheet music and tracks. PraiseCharts features a large, online sheet music catalog of popular praise and worship songs offering lyrics, chords, stage charts, vocal chart arrangements, orchestrations, plus multitracks and patches, all ready to download and play.

Can I play YouTube songs in church?

The CCLI Church Copyright License and Streaming Plus License do not cover the visual element of a song video. Therefore, regardless of the source, we recommend you have direct permission from the owner before displaying a song or lyric video in church.

How much is PraiseCharts?

Orchestration (Praise Band Style, includes vocal arranging): $600 – $850. Orchestration (Worship Band Style, includes vocal arranging): $900 – $1600. Orchestration (Choral version, includes vocal arranging): $1000 – $1800. Multi Track or Band Track (with lead sheet already on the site): $475 – $675.