How do I check my LSU schedule?

How do I check my LSU schedule?

Schedule Courses

  1. Log into the myLSU Portal. (
  2. Click Registration Services on the left hand menu, then select Schedule Request.
  3. Select the Campus and the Semester that you need to schedule.
  4. Click View Schedule Request at the top middle of the page.
  5. To add a course, enter the Department, Course Number, and Section Number.

How do I schedule classes for myLSU?

To schedule classes on MyLSU:

  1. Click Registration Services in the left panel.
  2. Click Schedule Request.
  3. Select the semester you are scheduling for, and then add in the course number and section. Further information about scheduling classes.

How do you get Coursicle for free?

Coursicle is a free app available for iOS and Android. Users can pay for a $5 in-app purchase to track unlimited classes, or they can refer the app to three friends and track unlimited courses for free.

Is LSU doing in person classes?

New Students University operations can be found at the LSU COVID-19 web site under the student site. This information will be updated to Roadmap to Fall shortly. The University plans to offer in-person classes as well as remote classes.

How do I find my classes at LSU?

myLSU Portal: Checking Course Offerings

  1. Log into the myLSU Portal (
  2. Select Registration Services | Registration Information from the panel on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Open the Courses link under the Course Offerings section.
  4. Choose the Semester/Year and the Departments desired.

How many summer hours can you take at LSU?

Students may schedule up to 7 hours max in each individual summer term (session B and C), and may schedule up to 12 hours total.

How many people use Coursicle?

500,000 users
900 colleges, 500,000 users, running on revenue. Coursicle helps college students plan their class schedule and get into classes by notifying them when seats open up.

Is LSUA party school?

Most of the University’s widespread acclaim comes from football, or from its multiple appearances on the Princeton Review list of the Nation’s Top Party Schools. LSU returned to the list in 2011, after a three-year hiatus, ranking No. 13 in the top 20.

How long are classes at LSU?

For fall and spring semesters, 12 hours is considered full-time. For the summer terms, 6 credit hours is considered full-time. For undergraduate financial aid purposes, full-time is defined as 12+ credit hours in any major semester including Summer.

Does LSU have an honors college?

The Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College at Louisiana State University engages a diverse population of high achieving students in a dynamic interaction of outstanding instruction, innovative research and public service.

What happens if I drop below 12 credit hours LSU?

If a student drops to part-time status on or before the 14th class day, TOPS will be revoked. Students may drop below full-time status on the 15th class day or later. Students must earn 24 credit hours by the end of summer intersession to remain eligible for TOPS.