How do I check my MQ authorization?

How do I check my MQ authorization?

The Display MQ Authority (DSPMQMAUT) command shows, for the specified object, the current authorizations to the object. If a user ID is a member of more than one group, this command displays the combined authorizations of all of the groups.

What protocol is used in MQ?

The MQ protocol is an outbound/active protocol that can monitor multiple message queues, up to a maximum of 50 per log source. The IP address or host name of the primary queue manager. The default port that is used for communicating with the primary queue manager is 1414.

What is LDAP in MQ?

That is the functionality that MQ leaves to external resources. There are two options you can choose from: Authenticate using the operating system. Authenticate using a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

What are the MQ objects?

MQ object types include queue managers, queues, process definitions, channels, namelists, and authentication information objects. The manipulation or administration of objects includes: Starting and stopping queue managers. Creating objects, particularly queues, for applications.

Can a single queue have multiple consumers?

Yes – in fact that is an entirely valid way to Handle work; so long as each consumer pops a ‘task’ off the queue and your prevent two consumers poping the same item off at the same time, then multiple consumer is not only a valid thing to do it is incredibly common, both in real life and in computing.

Can a queue have multiple subscribers?

This is not possible. A single message can be delivered to one consumer of a queue at a time. However, it is possible to route a single message to multiple queues though a single exchange.

What is Mqcsp?

Purpose: The MQCSP structure enables the authorization service to authenticate a user ID and password. You specify the MQCSP connection security parameters structure on an MQCONNX call. Warning: In some cases, the password in an MQCSP structure for a client application will be sent across a network in plain text.

Can LDAP be used for authorization?

LDAP Authorization is simply an API for “authorization consumers” such as Drupal roles or Organic Groups groups. Drupal roles is most commonly used. You must enable LDAP Authorization and one or more “authorization consumer” modules.

What is queue Manager object?

Queue managers define the properties of IBM® MQ objects. The values of these properties affect the way in which IBM MQ processes these objects. You create and manage objects using IBM MQ commands and interfaces. From your applications, you use the Message Queue Interface (MQI) to control objects.

What is consumer tag?

Consumer Tags Every consumer has an identifier that is used by client libraries to determine what handler to invoke for a given delivery. Their names vary from protocol to protocol. Consumer tags and subscription IDs are two most commonly used terms.

What is an AMPS queue?

AMPS includes high performance queuing built on the AMPS messaging engine and transaction log. AMPS message queues combine elements of classic message queuing with the advanced messaging features of AMPS, including content filtering, aggregation and projection, historical replay, and so on.