How do I check my NUS graduation requirements?

How do I check my NUS graduation requirements?

A programme leading to a Bachelor’s degree with Honours requires a student to complete a minimum of 160 MCs. It will usually take a student about 4 years to complete an Honours programme….Degree Requirements.

Degree Requirements Bachelor’s Degree Programme Bachelor with Honours Degree Programme
Minimum MCs required for graduation 120 160

How do I activate my NUS card?

Upon receipt of the Student Card, students are to activate their card by logging in to the NUS Education Records System ( using their NUSNET ID and password. (Navigation Path: Academics > Registration & Declarations > Student Card Activation).

What is round 0 NUS?

Round 0 and 1 This is a protected round. Students will be able to select modules (subject to meeting module pre-requisite, co-requisite and preclusion rules) in this round if the modules can be used towards: (i) Programme (Faculty, Major, Specialisation) requirements.

Is D considered a pass in NUS?

Unless otherwise indicated, a student who passes a subject by supplementary examination is awarded only “D” grade irrespective of his performance.

How do I verify my NUS certificate?

Verify the authenticity of the OpenCerts file by dropping it into the viewer at Verify NUS OpenCerts webpage or the OpenCerts website. If the file can be successfully opened in the viewer on the website, with no error message being displayed, then the file is verified as authentic.

Will NUS email expire?

NUS Alumni Lifelong Email ( was introduced in 2013 to allow students to keep their student email for life after graduation. This applies for all NUS alumni who graduated in July 2013 or after.

How do I register my NUS card online?

Complete these easy steps to become an NUS member

  1. Start your new NUS application.
  2. Enter your place of Study.
  3. Complete your course details.
  4. Confirm your NUS card options.
  5. Upload your NUS photo.
  6. Confirm your happy to proceed.
  7. Complete your full personal details.
  8. Confirm your delivery address.

Can you use NUS card online?

The NUS Apprentice extra card is the only discount card for apprentices and be used at hundreds of high street and online brands.

What does W grade mean NUS?

Withdrawn (W) When a student withdraws from a module between the first day of Week 3 of the instructional period and the last day of the Recess Week, a ‘W’ grade will be recorded in the transcript.

Is B+ in NUS good?

As the above table indicates, a plus (+) or minus (-) suffix added to a grade raises or lowers the grade point value, except in the case of A+, which carries the same grade points as the A grade….Grade Points.

Grade Grade Point
A 5.0
A- 4.5
B+ 4.0
B 3.5

How do you get a B+ in NUS?


  1. 5.0 Scale Grade Point.
  2. 5.0 Scale Grade Point.
  3. 4.0 Scale Grade Point (Mark Range%) A+ 5.0. 5.3. 4.3 (>= 86%) A. 5.0. 5.0. 4.0 (83-85%) A- 4.5. 4.5. 3.7 (80-82%) B+ 4.0. 4.0. 3.3 (77-79%) B. 3.5. 3.5. 3.0 (74-76%) B- 3.0. 3.0. 2.7 (70-73%) C+ 2.5. 2.5. 2.3 (67-69%) C. 2.0. 2.0. 2.0 (64-66%) C- N.A. N.A. 1.7 (60-63%) D+

How can I verify my degree in Singapore?

For verification of degrees awarded by National Institute of Education, please refer to….Master’s Degree, PhD Degree, and Graduate Diploma

  1. Full name of graduate.
  2. Student matriculation number.
  3. Date of birth.

What is NUS Net ID?

The NUSNet ID is your access gateway to a spectrum of systems within NUS. It is essential for you to acknowledge the NUS IT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) within 30 days from the creation of your NUSNet ID.

What is matriculation number NUS?

Jul 29, 2019 57608. Your membership number, staff number or matriculation number is the alphanumeric characters as they appear on your membership, staff or matriculation cards.

What is a NUS student number?

An NUS Card is a form of student identification and can be used to find discounts from certain shops or restaurants.

Does NUS card still exist?

The NUS Card has now been replaced by the. XO Student Card.

Are NUS cards still valid?

Got an NUS extra card already? Don’t forget it is still valid until it expires and it gives you all the access to TOTUM at no additional cost.

Can NUS students take Yale NUS modules?

There have been a total of 729 enrollments by Yale-NUS students in NUS modules since the first semester of Academic Year 2019/2020. FASS modules proved the most popular, comprising 61% of all NUS module enrollments. This figure includes the 17% of modules taken at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS).