How do I cite Geoffrey of Monmouth?

How do I cite Geoffrey of Monmouth?

Citation Data Geoffrey, of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1100?-1154. The History of the Kings of Britain : an Edition and Translation of De Gestis Britonum (Historia Regum Britanniae). Woodbridge, UK ; Rochester, NY :Boydell Press, 2007.

Which of the following tells the history of Britain from the landing of Brutus to the death of Cadwallader?

Gervase of Canterbury, on the other hand, includes a short history of British rulers from Brutus all the way up to Cadwallader, as in Geoffrey’s Historia, in his abbreviated chronicle.

When was History of the Kings of Britain written?

1135 and 1139
Historia regum Britanniae, (Latin: “History of the Kings of Britain”) fictional history of Britain written by Geoffrey of Monmouth sometime between 1135 and 1139. The Historia regum Britanniae was one of the most popular books of the Middle Ages.

What is the history of the King of Britain and what is the king’s name?

Historia regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain), originally called De gestis Britonum (On the Deeds of the Britons), is a pseudohistorical account of British history, written around 1136 by Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Why did Geoffrey of Monmouth write the history of the Kings of Britain?

One of his primary motivations in writing his History seems to have been to gain political favor with his various dedicatees, and perhaps also to establish the right of his Norman kings to rule over Britain. He was apparently a Welshman, or perhaps a Breton, and we know that he lived in Oxford for some time.

Why is Geoffrey of Monmouth important in the development of stories about King Arthur?

Why is Geoffrey of Monmouth important in the development of stories about King Arthur? He wrote a series of romances that caused Arthur’s tale to become famous. It included courtly love. Why is Chrétien de Troyes important to the development of the Arthurian legends?

How did Geoffrey of Monmouth portray King Arthur?

The Creation of a King: How Geoffrey of Monmouth Influenced the Story of King Arthur. With the inclusion of this feat between King Arthur and his enemies, Geoffrey of Monmouth shows Arthur as a mighty warrior, one who stops at nothing to defeat his foes.

How accurate is Geoffrey of Monmouth?

Geoffrey of Monmouth remains an incredible character, in his way as compelling as the stories he created and the people he wove into them. View him as a man of his time – but certainly not as an accurate and detailed chronicler of Britain’s history.

How does Geoffrey of Monmouth represent King Arthur?

Geoffrey’s book laid the groundwork for future Arthurian stories by other medieval authors such as Marie de France and Sir Thomas Malory, establishing Arthur’s family, major conflicts throughout his life, and his death. Geoffrey also defined Arthur’s character for both his immediate patrons and for later generations.

What did Geoffrey of Monmouth do?

Geoffrey is principally known as the author of several influential Latin works, including the Prophetie Merlini (Prophecies of Merlin) and the Historia regum Brittaniae (History of the Kings of Britain), which he is thought to have written in the 1130s and 1140s.

Are the Welsh from Troy?

Medieval writers claimed the Welsh originally came from Troy – an idea popular on the European continent, with the Franks also seeing themselves as descended from Trojans.