How do I connect my iPhone to HP ePrint?

How do I connect my iPhone to HP ePrint?

On your mobile device, open the Wi-Fi network menu, and then select the option starting with DIRECT followed by your printer model. If prompted, enter the Wi-Fi Direct password, and then tap Join. Open the item you want to print, and then select the option to Print. Select AirPrint, if prompted.

Is HP ePrint the same as AirPrint?

ePrint is like AirPrint on steroids. Whereas Airprint relies on Wifi only, if you have a 3G iPad, you can print any document to your printer wirelessly from anywhere using a 3G connection.

Do HP printers work with iPhone?

Install the HP Smart App: Before starting the process of printing, download the HP smart app on your android devices 5.0 or later and the Apple devices 10 or later. For installing follow the steps given below. Go to the browser and open the website named from your iPhone and install the application.

Why is my HP printer not printing from my iPhone?

Answer: A: If it’s an AirPrint compatible HP printer all you need to make sure it’s that both iPhone/iPad and printer are on the same WiFi Network. If it doesn’t work, restart your router, printer and iPhone/iPad and give it another go. If still doesn’t work it’s either a networking issue or printer issue.

How do I set up HP ePrint?

Print from a smartphone or tablet

  1. On your device, open the document or photo that you want to print.
  2. Tap the “Action” or “Share” icon.
  3. Select the email option. Your device will automatically open a new email message.
  4. Enter your printer’s address.
  5. Enter a subject.
  6. Tap “Send”

Why is HP ePrint not working?

Make sure that the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network before attempting to print. Make sure the mobile device or laptop has email capability and internet access. Make sure that the HP printer includes the HP ePrint via email feature and has the latest firmware version installed.