How do I contact Oxfam?

How do I contact Oxfam?

If you can’t find who you are looking for please call our friendly Supporter Relations team: 0300 200 1300. We are here Mon to Fri, 9am-5pm UK time.

What does Oxfam do in Uganda?

In Uganda, Oxfam: Builds active citizenship around tax and budget allocations, extractive industries and women’s leadership. Addresses land and seed rights for women and pastoralists. We work with the private sector on issues like climate change, youth employment, and unpaid care work for women.

How many employees do Oxfam have?

Oxfam GB also completed a long-planned restructure process during 2020-21 and ended the year with the full-time equivalent of 4,317 staff across the world, down from 4,684.

What do employees do in Oxfam?

It works to provide advocacy, campaigns, development programs and to respond swiftly to emergencies. It also provides line-management for regional teams and country program operations. The Secretariat has offices in strategic locations around the world to focus on advocacy in countries key to their regions.

How does Oxfam communicate with their donors?

The new app will allow donors to dial up or down the amount they wish to donate and easily manage how Oxfam gets in contact by phone, email or post.

Is Oxfam a registered charity?

Charity Commission Inquiry into Oxfam GB (registered charity number 202918).

What projects are Oxfam involved in?

Oxfam in action

  • Water for all. With clean water on tap, food can grow, disease can be defeated, and people can thrive.
  • Equality for women. The potential for lasting change lies in the hands of millions of women currently living in poverty.
  • Climate change.
  • Beating hunger.
  • Health and Education.
  • Emergencies.

Who are Oxfam’s partners?

Oxfam works with corporate emergency partners, including IKEA Foundation, Unilever, Arup and Waterstones, to ensure we can respond rapidly to emergency situations around the world.

Who are Oxfam’s customers?

The main external stakeholders of Oxfam are the donors and supporters, coalitions and alliances, suppliers, governments, the private sector, academic institutions, the wider public and the environment (Oxfam International, 2020).

Is Oxfam a good place to work?

Good place to get work experience The managers are great and it’s a comfortable place to gain some work experience if you don’t have any. Really friendly environment to volunteer in and meet new people.