How do I contact smile Bank?

How do I contact smile Bank?

Please call us on +44(0)3457 212 212 or for credit cards +44(0)345 600 6000 Call charges to speak to one of our advisors.

What is the name of smile bank?

The Co-operative Bank, Platform, smile and Britannia are trading names of The Co-operative Bank p.l.c., P.O. Box 101, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester M60 4EP.

Does smile Bank still exist?

It started as the UK’s first fully digital bank in 1999, offering full-service current accounts, savings, ISAs, investments and credit cards….Smile (bank)

Type Trading name
Industry Banking
Founded 1999
Headquarters Manchester, England, UK
Key people Andrew Bester (Chief Executive Officer)

How do I pay a Cheque into my smile account?

You can pay cash or cheques into your account: at a Co-operative Bank branch. at your local Post Office® – for cash deposits simply hand over your cash/debit card to a member of staff. For cheques you’ll need a paying in slip, Post Office® envelope and the cheque you would like to deposit.

How do I contact Cooperative bank?

Talk To Us

  1. If you have any feedback or complaint,
  2. Please talk to us on.
  3. Call Center Numbers: 020-2776000, 0703027000.
  4. Email [email protected].

Who owns Cooperative bank?

The Co-operative Bank

Formerly CWS Loan and Deposit Dept.
Key people Nick Slape (Chief Executive Officer) Bob Dench (Chairman)
Products Commercial banking Credit cards Loans Mortgage loans Retail banking
Owner The Co-operative Bank Holdings Ltd
Number of employees 3,350 (2019)

Who is smile bank owned by?

The Co-operative Bank plc
Formed in 1999 as the UK’s first internet-only bank, Smile is an online bank owned by The Co-operative Bank plc. The Co-operative Bank plc also trades under their own name as well as Britannia. Smile offers customers full banking products including current accounts, credit cards, mortgages, savings and ISAs.

How do I contact Co Op Bank?

Can I post a cheque to Co-operative Bank?

You can pay cheques into your account: at a branch of The Co-operative Bank. at a Post Office® by post.

Where can I pay into my coop account?

You can pay cash into your bank account by either:

  • visiting your nearest branch.
  • visiting your nearest Post Office®.

Who owns Cooperative Bank of Kenya?

Co-opholdings Co-operative Society LimitedCo-operative Bank of Kenya / Parent organization

What is Cooperative Bank code?

Cooperative Bank Kenya Branch Codes AGA KHAN WALK: 11065. ATHI RIVER: 11033. BUNGOMA: 11025. BUSIA: 11057. BURUBURU: 11032.

Who is CEO of cooperative bank?

Nick Slape (Oct 31, 2020–)The Co-operative Bank / CEO

Is cooperative bank part of another bank?

The sole shareholder of the Co-operative Bank Finance plc is the Co-operative Bank Holdings Ltd which is a private company limited by share capital. According to the Bank’s 2019 accounts, the holding company is owned by hedge funds and other asset management companies.

Who owns The Co-operative Bank?

The lender is currently owned by a group of US hedge funds – including Silver Point Capital, GoldenTree, Anchorage Capital, Blue Mountain and Cyrus Capital – as well as the fund manager Invesco. Together they own 85% of the bank, with the remainder held by a range of undisclosed institutional investors.

Where is co op head office?

Manchester, United KingdomCo-op Food / Headquarters

Who owns Cooperative Bank?

How do I post a cheque?

Enclose Cheques in Colourful Envelopes Well, it is the safest way to send money in the mail. If nobody knows that there is a cheque inside the envelope, it is likely that your mail will be delivered safely. Therefore, always use dark coloured envelopes for mailing cheques rather than thin white ones.

How do I pay a cheque into my Co-operative Bank?

You can pay in a cheque by:

  1. Visiting a Co-operative Bank branch.
  2. Sending your cheque and a completed paying-in slip in an envelope to ‘Freepost Co-operative Bank Cheques’ (no stamp required).
  3. Sending your cheque and paying-in slip with a stamp to the address below if you would like your cheque to arrive sooner.

Can I pay money into co op bank at Post Office?

You can pay cash into your bank account by either: visiting your nearest branch. visiting your nearest Post Office®.