How do I contact UCL postgraduate admissions?

How do I contact UCL postgraduate admissions?

Conversation. Hi, you can email: [email protected] or phone: +44 (0)20 3108 7288.…

Is UCL law hard to get into?

What is the UCL acceptance rate? In 2020, the UCL acceptance rate was 15.6% (based on data by UCAS). This means that of the 58,690 students who applied, just 9,145 students were offered places at the university.

What LNAT score do I need for UCL?

UCL Laws does not have a benchmark or minimum score required for the LNAT. The majority of successful candidates usually score in the region of 23 or above.

How competitive is UCL law?

1 in 5 applicants to this programme received an offer. Data shown above is for the academic year 2019/20 (sources).

How do I contact UCL by email?

Contact us

  1. For general enquiries: [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. Floor 1, Student Centre, 27-28 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0AH. [email protected]
  4. UCL Student Residences, 117 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6AP.
  5. [email protected]

How long does it take UCL to reply?

An email will be sent to you telling you how to log on to the UCL Applicants Portal after you have submitted your form. We will aim to send you a decision within 8 weeks, however at certain points in the year the decision may take longer due to the high volume of applications we receive.

Is UCL a good university for law?

UCL Laws ranked number two in the UK for Law in The Times Good University Guide 2020. The Good University Guide 2020, compiled by The Times and The Sunday Times, ranks 101 institutions across the UK for Law.

Is 23 a good LNAT score?

The LNAT is marked out of a score of 42. There is no pass or fail mark, however there are average scores that candidates usually achieve to successfully receive offers from the LNAT universities….What is the Average LNAT Score?

Previous Years Score (/ 42) Percentage
2018 23 54.8
2019 21.5 51.2
2020 20.8 49.5

Is 27 a good LNAT score?

University of Oxford For this, the LNAT is crucial. The average score of a successful candidate in previous years was about 29. Furthermore, only 2% of applicants scored above 34. This indicates that you should be aiming for 30 or above.

What part of London is UCL in?

UCL’s historic campus is in Bloomsbury, central London, with the main Quad on Gower Street. We are creating new world-class facilities in our Bloomsbury campus – both through new developments and refurbishing some of our buildings that are rich in heritage.

Is UCL law better than LSE?

The real alternative was between LSE and UCL. I chose UCL over LSE: I relied on the Times rankings, the courses on offer and the fact that several prominent lawyers and judges in my country went to UCL. UCL is higher in the rankings, and more strict as to admission standards.

What LNAT score do I need for Oxford?

LNAT Scores for Specific Universities

University Academic Year Average Score for Successful Applicants
LNAT Score for Oxford 2020/2021 27
LNAT Score for UCL 2019/2020 27
LNAT Score for LSE 2019/2020 26
LNAT Score for King’s College, London 2018/2019 25

Do you need LNAT for UCL?

All applicants to undergraduate degree programmes at UCL Laws must take the LNAT alongside your UCAS application, and must take it no later than 26 January 2022.